18th November: Under siege… from Dolphins

Their intentions are to arrive at Mar del Plata soon but I’m afraid they didn’t say how soon – I think sometime tomorrow evening/night) and they are already dreaming about having showers and Caiparinha’s.

They have been enjoying Mike’s quiz questions and the ones from Anne and Andrea (I added a few too) so it would be nice to continue with a “Homies” round in the weekly quiz.

– Gemma

Good Morning all,

I’m afraid to say that this morning we have literally been bombarded by dolphins, a small handful sailed us into the sunset but we have woken to hundreds swimming on all sides. Andy R is still not impressed as they don’t do tricks like the ones at Seaworld. However as a new comer to the trip it is Amazing! Amazing enough to get James on deck anyway. So this is my first blog and I am now lost for words. Its fantastic what these guys have achieved so far and I am very excited to have been able to join them, even if it is only for one leg. Today I was asked what are you missing about home and it was very difficult to answer having not been away for very long yet, however I feel when I get off the boat and am asked what I am missing about the boat it will be everything (except maybe the constant sway – definitely not found my sea legs!) On joining Elinca I was referred to as “excitable” and this may have proved true as I feel I have not stopped laughing since boarding the boat, so much in fact, it now hurts! Anyway that’s all from me for now, back to dolphin watch, and maybe some sailing!

Love to all Jenn x (p.s. I am missing you all really)

p.p.s. Andy K has just brought out his buffalo on night watch. Times are a changing…

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3 Responses to 18th November: Under siege… from Dolphins

  1. Mike Lavelle says:

    Another quiz…….

    1. What was the name of the Argentine cruiser, a survivor of Pearl Harbour, previously called USS Phoenix, sunk in the Falklands war?

    2. What was the name of the British nuclear sub that sank it?

    3. In 1914 during the first world war, in the battle of the Falklands, which two major german battlecruisers were sunk?
    (as a clue, there were German warships named after them again in the second world war!)

    4. What was the name of the missile that was responsible or the sinking or damage to the British ships HMS Sheffield, RMS Atlantic Conveyor and HMS Cumberland?

    5. Which country manufactured it?

    6. What is yomping?

    7. What nationality was Che Guevara?

    8. Where was he eventually killed?

    9. In which country was Earnest Shackleton born?

    10. What was the name of his ship, crushed in the antarctic polar ice in 1915?

    11. How did Earnest Shackleton die?

    12. Who’s alleged last words were “I’m going outside, I may be some time.”?

    13. Who reached the south pole first, and in what year?

    14. Which US city has an ice hockey team known as the Penguins?

    15. Is bringing a buffalo out at night; a) practical on a boat, b) legal, c) smelly; discuss.


  2. Pete Lamb says:

    Good to hear from you Jenn. Hope you have taken lots of photo’s of the dolphins- sounds amazing. Card not arrived yet, not sure who it is coming from, so we can chase it up. Hope your sea legs get going soon. Not only your weather getting colder, we are due a little snow this week-supposedly.
    Lots of Love from Mum and all at homexxxx

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