Photos of voyage to Rio – Part 9

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2 Responses to Photos of voyage to Rio – Part 9

  1. Lynda Groocock says:

    Stunning photos guys!!! Loving all the blog posts from the voyage so far, a great peek into what my life is going to be like over the comming months – I’m SOOO excited to join you in a couple of weeks. In anticipation my bags are now packed and I have the tiniest of space left for any requests from the crew. Does anyone have any particular craving for American (or any other for that fact) produce (no meats, cheese, fruits veg of course, sorry)? All the best, Lynda X

  2. Barbara matthewman says:

    Thanks for another whale photo, but why are there so few photos of Cliggy? Is she camera shy or just down below sleeping whenever photos are being taken? Sunny and frosty in Sheffield today. Some good autumn colour from the thinned out leaves on the beech trees.

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