Tuesday 19th Nov

Hello – Emma here. Sorry this is a bit later than usual – I will be posting blogs about 4.15pm as I am teaching until then so please don’t worry if it’s a little bit later than usual. However, I will check positions etc at lunchtime! I am still learning the ropes how all this works but here is the first blog from Alastair.

We are currently on a bearing of 230 (compass) doing about 7 knots into wind on a starboard tack. About half of our watch had a great nights sleep, those with starboard cabins, while those on the port side are some what more blurry eyed having spent most of the night bouncing of their lee cloths.
At current course and speed we should be into Mar Del Plata, affectionately referred to by the crew as the land of Malbec and Steak, late on Tuesday evening or very early Wednesday morning. We are likely to spend 24 -36 hours cleaning washing and eating steak before heading to Ushuaia.
We crossed the Argentinian border at around 1100 UTC (for non sailors UTC is the equivalent of Greenwich Mean Time) we duly emailed the prefectura who require us to provide them with an update of our position every 12 hours.
Cliggy continues to lead the wildlife watch spotting a turtle, which she claims spend most of their time eating jelly fish which causes them to get a little high (can someone confirm this fact via the power of google, other search engine providers are available), we also saw a seal. The wildlife has definitely been increasing as we come in closer to land. Having seen mainly Albatross out at sea we are seeing an increasing variety of birds.

Today we want to give a big shout out to Emma Layfield our new shore contact and her class who we are told have been following our blog. If they would like to ask any questions about sailing, the sea, South America, Antarctica or life in general then this week the crew will make a special effort to answer them all.

Alastair (new ish crew on Elinca and first time blog writer)

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3 Responses to Tuesday 19th Nov

  1. I don’t know about them getting high, but I did read that turtles eat a lot of jellyfish and that they commonly mistake plastic bags for jellyfish which causes them to choke and die. Not nice 😦 Em x

  2. Mike Lavelle says:

    Quiz answers

    1. What was the name of the Argentine cruiser, a survivor of Pearl Harbour, previously called USS Phoenix, sunk in the Falklands war? General Belgrano
    2. What was the name of the British nuclear sub that sank it? HMS Conqueror
    3. In 1914 during the first world war, in the battle of the Falklands, which two major german battlecruisers were sunk?
    (as a clue, there were German warships named after them again in the second world war!)
    Gneiesenau and Scharnhorst
    4. What was the name of the missile that was responsible or the sinking or damage to the British ships HMS Sheffield, RMS Atlantic Conveyor and HMS Cumberland?
    5. Which country manufactured it? France
    6. What is yomping?
    Royal Marine slang for a forced march in full kit- not the paras, they call it “tabbing”
    7. What nationality was Che Guevara? Argentinian
    8. Where was he eventually killed? Bolivia
    9. In which country was Earnest Shackleton born? Ireland
    10. What was the name of his ship, crushed in the antarctic polar ice in 1915? Endurance
    11. How did Earnest Shackleton die? Heart attack on a ship bound for South Georgia
    12. Who’s alleged last words were “I’m going outside, I may be some time.”?
    Captain Oates
    13. Who reached the south pole first, and in what year?
    Roald Amundsen, December 1911
    14. Which US city has an ice hockey team known as the Penguins? Pittsburgh
    15. Is bringing a buffalo out at night; a) practical on a boat, b) legal, c) smelly; discuss.
    a) How do you get a buffalo through customs? in hand luggage?
    b) exposing your buffalo in public at night is an offence in Soho.
    c) do buffalo use deodorant? yes or no? are you Sure?

  3. Anne Crawford says:

    Some fun challenges for the Sunday night quiz
    1. Can you unravel these famous places to do with the waters of the world.
    nkdriuk, zseu nlcaa, yrndomna, rremnndeeiaat, vhnaween, imnae ttisar, tnaebrs ase.

    2. What is the connection between…a flightless bird of the Antarctic, the sign on a black cab, a particle of snow, a boxing saga starring Sylvester Stallone?

    3. With 20 seconds for each, who can draw the best….penguin, whale, turtle, dolphin, albatross?

    4. Can you finish these quotes? Or make up an ending!
    A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor…….(Honore de Balzac)
    The boisterous sea of liberty is never….(Thomas Jefferson)
    Fishes live in the sea as men do a-land, the great ….(William Shakespeare)
    Even castles made of sand….(Jimi Hendrix)

    5. Which team can say ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ all the way through, including actions and drama!

    6. Which team is loudest and best at singing Queen ‘Don’t Stop Me Now….’ At least the chorus

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