All happy in Argentina

Hello everyone. Just a quick update to say we haven’t had a blog yet but we have had contact from Clare who says everyone is fine, they were just held up in the harbourmasters office. More info later this evening when I get the latest news!

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3 Responses to All happy in Argentina

  1. Pete Lamb says:

    Great to hear you have landed safe and sound in Argentina. How exciting all the dolphins, seals and now penguins – sounds awesome!! Can I ask Jenn if she can access her emails and reply please if possible. Hope all is well stay safe and have fun. xx

  2. Sorry but still no blog – I am sure they will update tomorrow. Will pass your message on Pete. Until tomorrow! Em x

  3. Benjy says:

    To Jim Clarke

    Hope all is going well on the trip and your moustache is developing! All is well back home, getting a bit cold and damp here but probably nothing like you will experience! QPR are lurking round the top of the championship and looking good for promotion! Good to see you are lining up to be the next David Attenborough with all of your wildlife watching, might be a nice career change!

    Are you nearly there yet? Keep us posted with how you are getting on!

    See you next year!

    Benjy and Lara xxx

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