Fat and fast

A fantastic 24 hours from leaving Mar del Plata as we had enough wind to
achieve almost 200nm, and complete it comfortably. If only it had continued
we would have been there in a few days. Alas in the early hours of the
morning the wind died completely and we are now having to use the engine
again. Not for too long hopefully before the wind fills in.

As Clare noted yesterday it is getting noticeably colder now and the the
crew are beginning to get fat. Partially due to all their layers and mainly
due to the number of snacks being devoured on the night watch, the frequency
correlating with that of the number of warm drinks being made. Jon’s watch
(Jon, Andy R, Chris and I) have however  been missing out, however I think
this may be due to laziness of not going down to the galley, or always
having seconds at dinner, not a bad thing we feel…..
NOTE: The rest of Jenns watch think that it is solely down to her laziness
that we are not consuming enough drinks and snacks, either that or we are
being super considerate and trying to save the snacks until it gets really
Talking of dinners we are also slowly sneaking  into the warm galley at meal
times unfortunately only leaving the on watch to battle with the cold (At
this point I wonder where they will all hide when they reach Antarctica).

The marine life however do not seem to be afraid of the cold and the
population of dolphins and variety of ducks (the layman’s term for sea
birds) are increasing daily. Cliggy has given strict instructions to be
woken on the sighting of whales, however I feel we have ‘cried wolf’ so many
times I fear she may not believe us when they do arrive.

To everyone thank you for all the comments we receive, its lovely to see you
all so keen to share this experience with us. It also means we don’t feel
like were talking to ourselves all the time (as this generally occurs when
on the helm).

On a personal note, missing you all ‘muchos’ and will be intouch as soon as
I hit land.
P. Sarah’s bank and please forward to Lima

Lots of Love
Jenn xx

P.S for Pete – Jenn has no access to email but if you email
adventure2013shore@gmail.com then our Shore Contact can forward any personal
email to us on the boat – please no attachments or unnecessary text though.

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2 Responses to Fat and fast

  1. Jill Baker says:

    Enjoying your adventures. Following the tracker hourly to see if you had left Mar del Plata. Fabulous to have a skipe and see Clare as well as Alastair. Freezing here with beautiful sunshine and blue skies. Doctor Who mania has reached a peak. We are celebrating Dad’s birthday with steak and Malbec and rent a party. Have a wonderful time. Alastair’s mum Jill.

  2. Jean Royse says:

    Greetings from a chilly Hampshire – gloves and coats needed for dog walking today. We are loving the blogs and feel a part of your amazing adventure – thanks for sharing it with us. Don’t envy the cold weather ahead – keep eating and adding layers! Good sailing – and best wishes to all of you on Elinca. Jean & Nick

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