The next chapter….

The sun rises on another day in the South Atlantic and as the wind suddenly builds we are met by the petrel and albatross stunt display team re-enacting what looks like the Battle of Britain. Fantastic control and prowess in 30 knots of wind has the birds gliding inches from the swell before darting up and catching the wind with their wings vertical to one another, peeling off so the next can perform their own stunt. Despite our smooth 8 knots, with Elinca munching the weather like it was a moderate day in the Channel, we still fall a little short of the effortless control from the birds.
The sudden wind increase has had a marked impact on our course as well, as we now beat into a south-westerly with 3 reefs and just the staysail, having spent the night broad-reaching with full jib out, and occasional help from the iron topsail, (engine). It left opportunity for more star sights overnight, and the chance for us all to practice our naming of all the stars we can remember. Definitely a privilege we won’t be forgetting quickly!
Yesterday’s bonus sunshine saw the return of flip-flops, t-shirts and shorts on deck – all very welcome – as well as Andy R’s bird, Spencer. A little chap headed south, and keen for a free ride, Andy fed him a gourmet selection of fresh flies, delivered on a silver winch-handle platter. The friendship seems to have been short-lived though, and there’s no sign of Spence this fine, windy morn.  Perhaps he gets the Storm-Geo forecast too?
I leave you with Joe and Zoe reciting the Elinca variation of the 12 Days of Christmas, (our poor pun on the Enigma Variations – sorry, Elgar). All will be unveiled in due course!
Andy K

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