Audience Participation and 51° South

Hey all readers!

Today is audience participation.
What I would like you to do is make a nice cup of tea (or preferred beverage) and sit down on your comfy sofa. Relaxed? Excellent.
Now I know that some of you have been avidly reading the blog from the beginning and by now you will have a pretty good idea of how life on board is going. I would like to step it up a notch; follow the instructions and you too can be riding through the ocean on the way to the big A.
So firstly you need to prop up your sofa so you are now sitting at a 45 degree angle.
Now find the vacuum cleaner, turn it up to max and put it next to your ear so that all you can hear is the rushing wind.
You’ll now need a friend or two. Get one to spray you with a hose and the other to dump a bath tub of water onto you a random intervals.
Now remember that lovely cup of hot? Well add a few ice cubes to cool it down and a few table spoons of salt because that’s what happens to tea on deck.
So by now you should be a little cold, very wet, have salty tea and be a little disorientated. You are getting close to the full experience.
We now need to add the motion  of 4 – 6 meter waves. You may need to move outside for this. create a pulley system to lift you 3 – 4 meters up and then drop you to the floor with a bump.
Concrats! You have now roughly experienced the big swell, the crashing waves, the roaring noise and the 40 – 50 knot winds of the roaring forties and furious fifties.

If that is too much effort for you, another option is to climb into the washing machine and turn it on or get just get someone in there 4th decade to make lion noises at you!

In other news: today we will be crossing 51 degrees south and that means we will be as far south as we started north (falmouth being 51 degrees north). Exciting stuff.

If any of you try the above method please comment on the blog with the results, it will be great to hear about.

Hope everyone is having as much fun as us

Nick (and Team Reef Beef)

Additionally, thanks to Liam, Suz and Jonny for their Dance CD! It was brilliant listening and singing along to to that when we were making sausage and mash last night.

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17 Responses to Audience Participation and 51° South

  1. suzanne says:

    Glad your all having fun! In addition — for anyone trying at home–Please use ear protection when putting hoover to your ear!!

    Hope you all learn the “cardboard box” dance for the return party at falmouth!!

    Take care and good winds.

    Suzanne, Jonny and Liam xx

  2. Jim Boyce says:

    Right folks, to Nick and the reef beef team. Had decided to take up your challenge, but as the missus said no way was i sitting on the sofa, with her chucking gallons of salty water at me, i decided to take a different approach. Bearing in mind we are up in scotland and it was -5 outside yesterday.So bear with me and imagine the scene.
    We have an old tin bath out the back, so there was i with my oily on,sitting up to my chin,in ice cold water in the bath outside, rocking it back and forward and making waves, trying to drink my can of tennent’s lager without spilling it, while imaging my swell crossing of the bay of biscay with you guys.
    Well you can imagine my surprise when the window cleaner came marching round the back of the house with his chamois in hand and ladder perched on his shoulder. I don,t know who got the bigger surprise me or him, but if anyone knows of any good window cleaners please let me know.
    Off to thaw out now all the best to everyone, stay safe. Jim and Carolyn x

  3. Margaret Scott says:

    Ha ha – think you are all going slightly mad! Thought about trying it – but it was only a thought. As my brother said its -5
    here in Scotland and(dont know how he didnt hear the ladders coming) he was caught by the window cleaner, therefore I decided to sit on my nice cosy sofa (at the right angle) with the fire on, a cup of tea and a wee biscuit. Still i did think about it – and am thinking about you all. Will raise a wee toast to you with my tea – hope conditions are not too terrible – stay safe and look after each other.

    Love and best wishes, from James’ aunt Margaret and gang xx

  4. Anne Crawford says:

    Well the 45 degree angle and Hoover where fine, apart from scaring the cat until his fur stood on end and he yowled for an hour. Had to go outside to practise the big swell of waves, so sat in swimming costume in the pond with glass of wine, (who wants tea?), giant fish Alice and 30 other fish, whilst friend used vacuum on ‘blow’ to simulate the waves. All was going really well as I imagined life aboard Elinca. Then neighbours called the police for animal cruelty and unsightly goings on. I am now writing this from my police cell, awaiting a trial for insanity. However my plea will be that I was encouraged by Nick and Team Reef Beef and Co. And will use the blog as evidence!

    • David says:

      So that is why your boot broke in two places and you had to get a new one! Hope you were wearing something dry and decent when you went to hospital !!

  5. Kerry says:

    Would love to empathise but think I’ll stick to ice skating, yoga and going to the cinema ….

  6. Paula Higson says:

    Am sitting in a nice warm tube train definitely travelling smoothly and with no tilt. Heading for a chilled glass of wine without added salt and laughing out loud at your brilliant description. More needed. Perfect today after sadness and laughter yesterday at the passing of a person whose sense of fun and zest for life created a special place in the hearts of all who knew her. We have new stories of escapades all told with affection.

    Love to you and best wishes to all. Can’t believe you have travelled so far. A momentous voyage and so much more still to come.

    • I was sorry to hear about lost grannie. My papa left us this year too and its difficult when you lose someone who’s just been there your whole life. Its good to have stories and laughter to remember by. James

  7. Abi Durrant says:

    Haha I knew this was you Nick as soon as I started reading! Sounds like you having a fun (well what you’d class as fun any way). I’m however happy sat here enjoying the start of the summer sun, so won’t be dumping cold salt water on myself anytime soon.

  8. Pete Lamb says:

    What an absolutely awesome experience you guys are having and we cant believe our little baby girl (Jenn) is there with you. When I first heard about the trip I was half worried and half bemused as to why she wanted to do it. Now I have absolutely no doubt that it is a trip of a lifetime and something you will remember for the rest of your lives. You all paint such a wonderful picture, so beautifully descriptively written that it feels like we are sat there with you. Well done to you all and glad you are all having such a great time. I had to smile when you mention about sitting in a washing machine because you would not be the first of Jenns friends to try that as she will tell you Im sure.
    I cant quite match the experience that Nick and reef beef team describe but not so long ago I was working on a ladder at maximum height against the gable end of the house washing the windows. Perched on the top of the ladder at the required 45 degrees pitch with bucket and sponge in hand I had your feeling of dropping of the crest of the wave through 4-5 metres as the ladder slipped away, I also felt the wind as it whistled past my ears and then I felt that water spray as the bucket followed me down to ground zero. Believe me the pain you are feeling is small by comparison

  9. Pete Lamb says:

    Hi Jenn hope you are keeping well and enjoying every minute. Just to let you know we eventually got Sarah’s present and posted it to Lima. It is due to arrive same day as you so fingers crossed I hope it does. Letter received saying Nat West is frozen too? Take care for now. Love you lots M, D & R xxx

  10. Gemma says:

    Erm can I get a refund on my booking please?

  11. Emma Layfield says:

    Love it! Read this to my other half which just added to his total bewilderment why we do this for fun! Can’t wait! Spent last night booking accomm in Rio and working out where to go so all seems a bit more real now. Take care and have lots of fun. You’ll probably all fall straight over next time you get on dry land! Love Em xx

  12. Mike H says:

    I always suffered more from land sickness, maybe because the sea state builds up more gradually while the land is suddenly still. Best cure I ever found was to find the nearest bar and hang on tight until the pint arrives. Once you have said pint in hand your brain recognises the unsteady sensation as being entirely normal and all is well again.

  13. Mike Lavelle says:

    I must go down to the pub again, to a foaming beer and a pie,
    And all I ask is a tall pink gin, and an umbrella to stir her by,
    And the vodkas kick, and the gabbling throng, and the cocktail-shaker shaking,
    And a jaeger bomb on the bars face, and a hangover awaiting,

    I must go down to the pub again, for the taste of a whisky rye,
    Is a wild call, and a clear call, that no one may deny,
    And all I ask is draught of guinness with its white foam flying,
    And the lager tops and the brown ale and the headache a’ whining,

    I must go down to the pub again, to the drunken student life,
    To the happy hour and the special brew and a wine to ease the strife,
    And all I ask is a “Newky brown”, from a barmaid in the “Rover”,
    And a quiet scotch, and a taxi home, when life’s pub crawl is over

    “Beer fever”

    Based on Sea Fever by John Masefield……

    but do you know the real words…..

  14. replies from the boat:

    For Anne Crawford and Jim and Margaret:
    You’re all mad. If you wish to continue the theme, now our toilets haven’t been cleaned for a couple of days, we’re all wearing 5 layers of clothes and the forecast has snow. Better get your thinking caps on!

    For Pete, that sounds painful! Now i know where Jenn gets her coordination skills from!

    For Kerry, all i’m going to say is enjoy refit 😉

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