Awaiting their post: but they are safe..!

Usually Team Elinca get in touch by 2pm GMT each day, so there was a minor palaver at Team HQ when we hadn’t heard anything, and we even took the first steps on the lost contact’ escalation procedures…! However, it turns out simply that they had had a very heavy night out last night (they were on land), and hence, are all safe and well (but possibly a little hungover…!)

However, fate has dealt them a blow for their cavalier attitude, and thus, now they not only have a blog post to write, but they also have the misfortune of having a broken heads  – or toilet, to the landlubbers – which has left them with all sorts of mess in all sorts of places.  The last I heard, they were going for a strong coffee, before picking straws to see who had to tidy it all up…

They said they would send me a blog update, and I will post as soon as it arrives…!


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3 Responses to Awaiting their post: but they are safe..!

  1. Thanks for keeping intouch with us and letting us know all safe and maybe not to well! Hope the sore heads were worth it? Love to all James & Carolyn xx

  2. Barbara matthewman says:

    I guess it was to be expected after all that hardcore team sailing and now the team is disbanding so a lot to celebrate and a bit of sadness too.
    Thanks for putting our minds at rest.

  3. Jenn says:

    Alive and kicking, however I definately should have slept before my plane
    Missing you all already!

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