Faring well and Farewell…

The spare place has now been TAKEN. Lara Caine is rushing to book flights to get to Ushuaia (thousands if miles away) within 5 days…!

Position: (same as yesterday but with less hangover)


HI GUYS, it’s Jess and Chris again. Jess leaves today and Chris leaves in a couple of days, so here’s our last blog. Ushuaia is really cool. Literally. We woke up to heavy snow and wind and now its sunny and still. If anyone could recommend what we should wear for four seasons in one day, that would be appreciated. So, you heard about the poo situation yesterday so we will fill you in about the nicer things Ushuaia has to offer. So we arrived around 1400hrs on Monday afternoon and Zoe, Jenn and us headed straight for the glacier. We took a cable car up a third of the way and then trekked close to the top before the weather started to turn. It safe to say that sailing kit is good enough for mountain climbing, except for Musto HPX boots and Dubarrys, we slipped and slidded all the way up the mountain and all the way back down it. The cable car had closed by the time we got back to it, so we walked all the way back down (quite tiring when you have been up since 4am!).
That night we got well acquainted with Ushuaian nightlife, an Irish pub. I think everyone got a bit too excited about being around new people so we invited the pubs population to our boat at various times of our stay. In the pub we met the crew from another yacht which is working for the BBC filming Penguins in Antarctica, we invited them back to the boat for a wine tasting evening but by the next morning they must of forgot the invite as we had a chilled out night to ourselves making homemade pizza’s and enjoying a selection of wines from south America, I think we all agreed that Malbec was our favourite.

Jess has been on the boat since Falmouth and Chris from Gran Canaria, we have had an absolutely brilliant time on board and now sad to be leaving everyone and heading back home. We would like to thank James and Clare and everyone else for making this trip happen. a few years ago it was just an idea they came up with in a pub one night.

Joe here – well, I m leaving the gang very unexpectedly and it’ll be sad to leave the happy little boat and my new brothers and sisters. Three things have been in abundance: water, wine and e-m-o-t-i-o-n. I will never forget doing heads, shoulders, knees and toes with numb nose and a cuppa soup stomach at 3am; or the way the whole crew got invested with the fate of Spencer, a little land bird who fell onto the foredeck, like some kind of soap opera; or helming though wild gyres in the Le Maire Straits. And the humour, kindness, toughness and bodily noises of my messmates will stay with me forever. James, Clare, Andy K, Roysey, Ali, Jen, Jess, Zoe, Jim/Mario, Chris, Jon, and of course Cliggy who glues the boat together and Nick my main face fuzz hombre, I love you all, good luck and tell us great tales when you come back safe xxx

Clare here, feeling a little sad at reading a blog full of goodbyes. Don’t worry though, in a few days there will be a new set of hello’s. We’re expecting Ali and Juliet who have spent the last few months travelling down South America (we hope they make it). Ian Ridgway who has also been travelling overland and helped bring the boat down to Falmouth in September (this will be his second sailing trip ever!). Coming by plane we have Carl and Tim both bringing spares and replacement parts (Thankyou both).

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  1. Tim says:

    Commiserations to those leaving the boat. Having been working until midnight the last few nights, I’ve just finished going over my kit, I’ve checked in, and have fingers crossed for the flight tomorrow night. It’s not been fun to be so busy running up to departure, but I think everything is sorted. I’m really looking forward to joining you, even more so after the blog entries on the beauty of the local scenery. I hope you all survive the next few nights of revelry, and am already bracing myself for the results of the poo crisis. See you in a couple of days!! – Tim

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