Very late blog post… Sorry. Plus, SPACE UP FOR GRABS!

Position: AFASyN Jetty, Ushuaia.


Sadly Joe Parker has decided to leave the boat tomorrow to fly home and be with his girlfriend who is not well at the moment. He’s hugely disappointed and this means there is now place available to sail to Antarctica if someone can get to us by the 9th December. Money matters can be negotiated with Joe. If you are interested then get in touch.

In other news:

Last night we celebrated making it this far and this morning we are paying the price.

Besides the sore heads the nights excursions has lead to a larger and more sinister problem. Those of you who are familiar with the workings of a boat toilet will quickly begin to understand the gravity of the situation that had befallen us but for those lucky few who have not experienced the intimacies of boat plumbing I will attempt to explain.

A boat toilet has an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe. The inlet runs from the sea into the back of the toilet and, on pumping, will provide a steady stream of seawater to flush what is in the bowl out into the outlet pipe. The outlet pipe sends whatever has been deposited in the bowl out towards the sea. If, by unhappy accident, the outlet pipe were to become unattached from the back of the toilet, maybe due to pressure building up behind a blockage, then the contents of the toilet would be discharged into the boat instead. If the design of the boat is such that the break in said pipe was behind a wall and out of view to all users of the toilet, and if said users were a little merry following the celebration of a long voyage, it could be quite a long time before the detached pipe is even noticed. Now for some maths, 13 people each having consumed a large steak, a local spider crab starter and washed all down with locally brewed real ale (Beagle ale, very good). I can’t put the result of this problem into words so i shall leave it to your vivid imaginations.

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7 Responses to Very late blog post… Sorry. Plus, SPACE UP FOR GRABS!

  1. Josie Clarke says:

    Ugggg! What a thing to happen…I am trying very hard not to imagine it! Think I will pass on the spare place to Antarctica. I was just about to pack my bag, put on my thermals and fly across the Atlantic to join the merry crew until I realised the loos might not always work and it may be a bit smelly. It’s just a well for you though as I haven’t a clue about sailing. I do know a good plumber though.

  2. Anne Crawford says:

    Oops, the above blog was from me! Josie used my iPad yesterday and it remembered her details. So as well as knowing nothing about sailing, I am also very good at confusing people. Hope someone else offers to join you!

  3. Lorraine Toner says:

    Oh no… I remember when this happened on Lord Rank on the Small Ships Race. Throughout the race and ALL those tacks, Sarah McLernon and I emptied and cleaned the bilges. While scrubbing away, Sarah pointed out a mole on her arm. She was worried it had grown in size and talked about booking a doc appointment. Three hours later, the bilges were spotless and Dougie sent us for well deserved showers. Minutes later there were screams of horror from the cubicle next to me as Sarah’s “mole” washed off. Good luck guys, I feel your pain. Congratulations on getting so far loving the updates. Lorraine x

  4. Paula says:

    Gosh I’d rather not thanks. Far too much information! Am still boring all our friends with the amazing achievement of your journey and adventures so far. Our Liverpool friends were subjected to all the videos over the weekend between watching Fiji lose to the Barbarians and amazing cocktails. The Cabbage Patch and the Eel Pie also featured in our grand tour of local places not to miss. Can’t come anywhere close to matching Ushuia I’m sure. Anna also sends her love and best wishes and has been following the blog as well.

  5. Michael Lavelle says:

    Having worked on similar systems, I believe Jubilee clips come in handy,….. but if the pipe has been disgorging to the bilge, I’m afraid a 40 gallon drum of jeyes fluid isn’t even going to help. Anyway, at the risk of being vulgar, wasnt Elinca called “Time and Turd” when she was launched…..or something like that. She’s just having her revenge for not having been taken to the pub.
    I’ll pass on the next leg, but I’m thinking of you and Manchester Ship Chanel – the latest bilge perfume.

    Mike L

  6. I would love to join you all, however I am having toilet problems myself. ( no pump to the Turkey mound) I’d like to say it must be something in the air , but that would just be wrong…on a couple of levels.
    Spray a bit of cologne on a light bulb (turn the light on)…the stink will go right out the window.
    Then back to the pub.

  7. Andrea says:

    Oh no! I feel for you guys…is this the first heads problem since I got off the boat? If so apologies for not taking my turn to help fix it! Back home now in similar temperatures to you guys, normal life is dull! Have you got any buttons left? Hope you saved some for Antarctica 🙂 love to all xxxx

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