Clare would notice…

Yes Clare would notice if James opened the window and let in the cold. For one night in each port Clare and James get to sleep in a soft bed with no drips on the ceiling, to shower in a power shower and to be a normal temperature as set by hotel air conditioning. In the tropics this meant turning on the air con and shivering happily in the cold. Here it means turning up the heat and sweating happily in the warm. You know what they say… a change is as good as a holiday.

This healthy routine has helped keep us sane through the four months that we have lived and worked on-board Elinca so far. Affectionately referred to as ‘date night’ this one evening in every port is a mystery to us. We have no idea what happens on the boat in our absence but we imagine that wild parties ensue. Whilst the parents are away we are sure that the crew have an amazing time doing wild things like putting their coffee cups on the chart table, using James special mug and opening rations from the ’emergency chocolate’ cupboard.


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1 Response to Clare would notice…

  1. Emma says:

    Sounds good – I might introduce a date night in our house too. Get a babysitter once a month and have a night out with my hubby. However, I was writing to say THANKYOU as I opened a fab card today that was totally unexpected but much appreciated. xxx

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