Getting shipshape…

So this one’s from James, sat in a baking hotel room. I’m busy wondering if Clare will notice if I open the window, and let in the freezing cold rain.

Today has seen a whole mixture of jobs going on, we’ve serviced the windlass, rigged the 4th reef, serviced the main engine, ordered tons of fresh veg, and barrels of diesel that we’ll roll down the dock and hand pump onto the boat tomorrow. We’ve gone through our Antarctic charts and stowed the more northern ones, we’ve reattached the genie room door (it broke a hinge so was removed and stored safely), copied all the photos from all the cameras, and worked on the next video. And in between all that there’s been the usual mix of visits to museums and cake and coffee. All in all a good day. Tonight, we’re off to eat bbq lamb with some of the guys from another boat on the wall, and to drink some beer 🙂


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2 Responses to Getting shipshape…

  1. Jess says:

    if its the Palegic guys tell the Jess ‘the skipper’ says hi!

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