Blog post… Delayed again… Sorry


Blog post is late again tonight. We’re sorry, but don’t worry. We wouldn’t go so far as to actually miss one. We’re three hours behind the UK here so it’s only 8pm and we’re just about done with the days jobs. It’s been a hectic day for those few left on-board. We started at 7 am in a taxi off to collect the staysail. We’ve had the rip repaired by a local man and it looks good as new (or good as it was new to us). On the way back from collecting the sail we got some putty to repair the whole in our heater exhaust. At the moment the front half of the boat is toasty and warm but the back half is freezing cold… whenever we turn on the aft heater a cloud of some billows out of it. We’ve not run the heaters properly since we left Greenock and now we are regretting this. Then the fuel arrived. In Ushuaia the fuel arrives in 200 L barrels which get dropped off at the end of a long a rickety jetty. Each barrel has to be loaded onto a mad un-steerable trailer and wheeled down to the boat. Then somehow the fuel had to be transferred out of the barrel and into the boat (accross the other boat that is moored next to us). Not to fear, we have James and Jon on-board and they had the genius idea of re rigging the fuel transfer pump that normally takes fuel from the tanks to the day tank to take fuel from the shore to the boat. The task still took several hours but no-one had to end up with diesel in their mouths. Whilst this was going on Clare, Cliggy and Zoe went to the shops. £1500 worth of shopping is quite a lot even for three girls and three massive agrentine taxi drivers. I think we bought the supermarket out of porridge oats. On the way home the taxi driver tried to ask Cliggy about Las Malvinas but she told him she was Irish. This is the approach we are taking here. Everywhere there are signs up claiming that Ushuaia is ‘the capital of Las Malvinas’.

In other news. Ian Ridgway has arrived and been put immediately to work. Chris Denyar left the boat this morning and we are very sad to see Chris go. He’s been on since the Canaries and is a good reliable pair of hands with the sailing, with the cooking. With Jess, Nick, Chris and Jenn all now off home the average age on the boat has now skyrocketed to 30!

Tomorrow we’ll have answers to question we got today from one of our following primary schools and even more exciting we’ll have the first few photos from Leg 4.

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3 Responses to Blog post… Delayed again… Sorry

  1. Ralph, Nick's dad. says:

    If Nick is on his way home that is news to me, I’m not expecting to see him in UK until May 2014. By the way when we meet up with you in Ushuaia at the beginning of January does that mean we have to buy James dinner instead of Nick, perhaps that why you sent him home. Regards Ralph & Paula.

  2. Stephen G says:

    Jess and I are stranded in an Airport hotel in Heathrow due air traffic controller problems so gives me opportunity to thank you for your welcome and hospitality for the few hours I spent in Ushuaia. You all really made me feel at home and for the painful 15 minutes we sang ( I think you could call it singing) the 12 days of Christmas I actually felt part of the crew, even if I increased the average age on the boat, briefly to 105…… It was great to meet you all properly and to feel first hand the amazing team spirit of the crew. The way you all stick together is unbelievable, evidenced by the fact that Chris has been with us all the way back! Every plane, every airport bar, every delay! We only shook him off, I mean left him, about 3 hours ago (only joking Chris!) I have heard about taking a girl home but he has taken it to knew heights! What a gentleman. Anyway many many thanks for capping my South American trip. Hope the Antarctic trips are as wonderful as they sound and all goes well and the joy and spirit of the Elinca and it’s crew continues and increases as we head into this festive time of the year.
    And if you ever need an extra person to sing at the top of his voice , completely out of tune, 5 Sick Buckets, just give me a call, I can be there in 28 hours….

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