Another very late blog post…


Estamos practicando nuestra espanol! We are practicing our Spanish. Especially Clare who has to talk to the coastguard every day. They do not speak English and so we have had to learn new words like depth (calado), length (eslora), people aboard (tripulantes abordo) etc. Luckily Clare had Spanish lessons solidly for a year before the trip to brush up on her A level (which eight years on was very very rusty). The Spanish learning process was helped infinitely by the luck of being given a mexican PhD student to mentor, Fabiola. In return for lessons in science Clare got help with her homework and a whole load of useful vocab. As well as Fabiola her only other tutor was the Harry Potter series. Unfortunately those are the words that really stick in the brain. In every day convesation theres not much use for ”varita” (wand), ”encantamiento” (spell) or ”lechuzaria” (owlery). Never mind.

Today we went up a glacier. Its safe to say that it was the furthest that any of us had walked since Rio and some of us stuggled. It was cold and crisp and beautiful and there was a cafe half way up to help us refuel. It was our first opportunity to throw snowballs! From the top there were views all the way down the Beagle Channel and of course accros the other side to Chile. It was so good to be off the boat after the full day of work of the day before.

We have had our first weather forcast for the coming week. It looks like its going to be windy midweek so that will slightly delay our departure to Antarctica. Thats OK though as we plan to check into Chile (a lengthy process involving half a day of paperwork to exit Argentina, a short sail ( 2 hours accross the Beagle) and then half a day of paperwork to clear customs on the Chilean side). We can get all this done whilst the wind blows through and then be ready to leave as soon as it has abated. Checking into Chile means that when we go to Antarctica we will go from Chile and that we will be signed into their search and rescue system which is very good. It also that we will be able to anchor around (and maybe land on) Cape Horn on the way there and back. Very exciting.


(Pictures to follow later today)

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3 Responses to Another very late blog post…

  1. Claire togs says:

    This is my first comment- which is pretty shameful! Thanks for the Xmas card-c/o postman pat aka Susan. Your adventure looks absolutely amazing, I’m carrying out mundane tasks such as decorating the house for Christmas and trying to stop Rory eating the Christmas tree. Take care everybody xxxxxxx

  2. Anne Crawford says:

    Hello Zoe and all, here I am at Jess’s home where she landed just before I did a couple of hours ago. It is great to see her. Her mum cooked a wonderful lunch though Jess talked throughout about the fantastic food on Elinca! We have been looking at photos and hearing more about the wonderful tales on board. Don’t worry, she hasn’t given away any secrets….yet! However she is loving hot water, space, warmth but she is missing you all sooooo much. We are watching videos of Jess’s bottom in an orange bucket and Nick’s brilliant first aid skills on Jen. I am looking forward to the pics of penguins and life as you he’d towards Antarctica. Happy sails to all

  3. Pete Lamb (Jenn's Dad) says:

    Oh dear Anne you have let the cat out of the bag now………. first aid skills on Jenn?? Is this something me and her Mum should be hearing about? As promised we are still following Elinca’s journey every day even though Jenn has left now. I cant believe I was beaten in the race to sign up for the unexpected vacancy – my bag was half packed!! It still sounds fantastic and you even make the broken heads, ripped sail, faulty heater and the diesel challenge sound like one big barrel of laughs. We spoke to Jenn who is halfway up the Inca trail now and she is missing you all and says she never stopped laughing from start to finish. We hope you all have a great trip to Antartica and will be following you every step of the way. Take care and have fun and watch out for Prince Harry in amongst the other wildlife.

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