A Little late post and a secet mission

Half the crew left the boat at 07.00 today on a secret mission… we are a bit fearful that between Ian and Tim they are going to return from their adventure with a 10 ft Christmas tree.  Lara is arriving at lunchtime and then we have the whole crew on-board and can apply for our ‘permiso’ to navigate in Chilean waters and our ‘Zarpe’ to start our voyage to Antarctica.  Yesterday we had our final showers, went for runs and made sure all our dinghies were in working order. Then three men got into one of them and went fishing. It was a beautiful calm evening and they sat for hours in the entrance of the port. You guessed it, they caught nothing. There seems to be a pattern emerging. The fish were definitely there as we saw a few jumping.

After fishing we cooked a spicy Jambalaya (with fish from the freezer) then headed off for a quiet few drinks in the Yacht Club Malcalvi. The bar is covered in flags from all the different expeditions that have stopped here. We wish we had an adventure2013 pennant to sign and hang amongst them. The landlady is keen to see us back for New Year and I have to say that it is now top of our list if the weather allows.

After going to bed at six in the evening James slept through until morning only opening his eyes to eat his dinner in bed. This means that his batteries are fully charged for today and our dash around the horn. We expect it to be windy. Even sat here in Puerto Williams we can hear the wind howling out in the Beagle. However, this is just a feature of this part of the world and as we get further south the winds should ease. As long as they don’t close the port, which they close in more than 35 knots of wind, then we should be away by 16.00. Exciting! Next stop Antarctica! The waves will be too big to allow us to land on Cape Horn this time but we will pass very close by the famous rock sometime this evening.

Clare Xx

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3 Responses to A Little late post and a secet mission

  1. Paula says:

    So so exciting and scary all at once. Kate Humble was on tv a couple of days ago sailing in the Beagle Channel so we have had a little preview here at home. Have a really wonderful time and what an amazing way to spend Christmas. I will be most disappointed to hear if there isn’t a proper Christmas tree on board. Now where’s my calculator before I offer a round of drinks when we next meet.

  2. Jim Boyce says:

    if they do come back with a christmas tree, it has to go up the top of the mast.

  3. Craig Young says:

    Amazing to think you’ve got this far and the reeeeally exciting bit is still to come! Very envious of you guys, have an amazing and safe passage down into Antarctica – hope to be there myself one day!

    Fair winds, Craigus x

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