Bring out the Buckets

We’re in position 56 20′ S 66 46′ W  and our intentions are to sail to the south Shetland islands. The wind is currently blowing force 4-5 from SSW and we have three reefs in the main, a storm staysail and the jib up. We are on a starboard tack, sailing the best course to windward, cruising at about 6 or 7 knots.

Hello everyone, Ali Lennox here. Very pleased to be writing the blog I’ve been reading for the last few months. I joined the boat in Ushuaia with my girlfriend Juliet after spending a few months traveling through South America.

So after a frustrating few days waiting for various things including weather, people, immigration, customs etc we have now finally set sail across the mighty Drake Passage in the Southern Ocean. So far the passage is living up to its infamous reputation as most people are battling with seasickness as the swell  is big and the boat is rolling all over the place. All  buckets have been in use either out on deck or as emergency buckets by beds.  It normally takes a few days acclimatisation, so is unsurprising for the newbies on the boat but Andy R (who has been on since Falmouth) has succumbed for the first time in over 10 years! Its much better to deal with queasiness out on deck or in your bunk asleep, but getting changed, going to the loo, making food and writing the blog are all activates the prove difficult, in fact I need to go take some fresh air now!

Back now. The passage through the Beagle canal was fairly calm with flat water and little wind, which meant we motored much of the way. We passed an Island named Lennox Island (my sur-namesake), there was also a few other references to the name in Ushuaia including a Hotel and a shop, I’d be very interested to know the link if anyone would care to let me know in the comments section… After the shelter of the channel the wind picked up and with it the waves and swell and sickness. We passed Cape Horn island at about 2am this morning and now with the sun well and truly up (its 5 am but apparently it didn’t get properly dark), the blue sky and the sea birds flying around it feels good to be sailing. Bring on the icebergs!

Over and out (or ‘cambio’ as they say on the Spanish radio system down here)


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6 Responses to Bring out the Buckets

  1. TAS says:

    Keep the buckets handy!… Tilmans lot found it the same;-) Hope it settles out and the views make up for it. Keep Grinning. Awesome adventure… On On

  2. David Acland says:

    Great to see you are out and making progress S. I hope you all get your sea legs quickly so you can enjoy the experience.
    David and Amanda.

  3. Ali glad you are underway the rolling sea is very uncomfortable even to good sailors. Have fun D&H

  4. Helen Lennox says:

    Dig deep into the bag from England Ali and find some ginger wrapped in tin foil maybe help with sea sickness? Sorry no Lennox info found yet . X

  5. Gemma says:

    Well done Ali managing to write such a good blog in those conditions – fair play to you. Hope the swells have abated. Maybe I should pack one of those foldable camping buckets and put my name on it. Safe sailing to you.

  6. Hopefully things are settling down now and the sights are getting better. Jim says to tell you he has just finished breakfast. Fried sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and haggis. Lovely jubbly. X

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