Baby it’s cold outside

 We’re in position 58 32’S 66 19’W and we continue towards the South Shetlands.  The wind is still around Force 4-5, and has come round to the south-west / south, with us staying best course to windward on starboard tack.  The approach to the Antarctic Convergence zone brings squalls of 30 knots or so and the furling away of our jib to accommodate, and we keep our 2 reefs in the main with the storm staysail, maintaining a steady 6 knots in the process.

Believe the hype.  Welcome to the Southern Ocean.  It’s wet, wild, and most of all pretty damn chilly!  Cue waves breaking high enough to wet the mainsail up to the first spreader.  But the ocean brings a swell rather than the chop of yesterday, which is most appreciated.  There was even intermittent sunshine to enjoy to break up the cold.  (The temperature at dinner time was 3 degrees!)  A taste of things to come as we cross the convergence zone in 50 or so miles.  The Antarctic Convergence zone signifies where the cold (very cold, -1.8 degrees) water meets the warmer waters of the South Pacific / Atlantic, and provides an upwelling of lots of nutrients, resulting in much more sea life.  As yet we have lots of birds to spy but no penguins yet.  We should be seeing them soon though.

Last night Andy R and Lara cooked a lovely beef stew that was held down by most as people get there sea legs.  We also had our first taste of a completely light night last night, with the sun popping below the horizon for only a brief time.  Long enough to provide another fantastic sunrise though.  And it looks like it could be a lovely day, in between the squalls (which bring 30 knots of wind or so, and horizontal snow!).


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2 Responses to Baby it’s cold outside

  1. Yvonne Cates says:

    Hey Lynda,
    BABY IT IS COLD OUTSIDE! Probably inside as well. I am sure one from the UK will acclimate MUCH better than a So. CALer. Looking froward to reading more of your FANTASTIC journey! I am finding the blogs quite enriching. Best you and all, Yvonne

  2. bill says:

    Hi All,
    Bill here.
    So looking forward to joining you .
    James – do I need to bring any heater bits out?
    Great blogs and photos.
    Love ,

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