Thermals and fleece and jumpers ..Oh My!

Welcome to the first day of sub-zero temperatures! current position 60 20′
south, 64 10′ west, the wind is quite variable between 10 and 15 knots with
the occasional gust up to 18. We are keeping Elinca close hauled, giving us
a course of between 160 and 190. We’ve two reefs in the main, the storm staysail and a full jib. We got pushed downwind of our planned entry
point  so are now taking advantage of the more westerly winds to lift us
back up. We still have lots of bird life around the boat, and it’s not
getting dark at all anymore!!

The crew have been layering up, and the Elinca summer collection of my watch
is as follows:

Juilette – two thermals, I5 mid layer, three fleeces and two jackets – for
the accessories, two pairs of gloves and a buff and a woolly hat. All topped
off with the latest in musto foul weather gear.

Lara – two layers of thermals (one lightweight, one heavy weight), mid layer
fleece jumper and leggings, Musto mid layer, gilet, down jacket, with
foulies, super warm buff and fluffy hat and two pairs of gloves (totally
regretting loosing one of my mittens in the sea two days ago!).

Tim – keeping the big guns in reserve, the merino wool thermals are being
kept for colder weather. I’m going for the vintage look, with three-day old
boxer shorts, some old Patagonia leggings, Berghaus hiking trousers andJon’s cast-off XM foulies on bottom, and helly hansen lightweight base layer
top, a soft red fleece I got for a bargain down the road from the office, my
trusty blue Beghaus windstopper jacket and XM foulies jacket on top. The
piece de resistance this season is that I have managed to jam my own
lightweight Berghaus skiing gloves into a pair of North Face gloves found
on-board, so I am not only labelled up to the max, but also quite toasty and
waterproof. I’m also wearing a fleece hat I found on the  Maritial glacier
above Ushuaia.  While the generic look of red foulies with flourescent
yellow hoods is almost universal, we have found room for personal expression
in the dismount style from the now closed cockpit hatch. Thanks to all who
contributed to this year’s Elinca summer collection, as sported by Tim.

Andy – merino boxer shorts, two layers of thermals (one merino and one micro
fleece), henri-lloyd mid-layer fleece trousers, fleece jumper, buffalo
mountain top, fleece neck warmer, merino balaclava and nice thick hat, a
pair of helmsman gloves with thermal gloves underneath, two pairs of thermal
socks and oilskins with all the toggles flaps and drawstrings done up tight.
Nice and toasty except for the weak link (see below).

All this gear is just about fighting off the cold.. we have all decided that
Dubarry Boots are not the thing for Southern Ocean, and standard topic of
conversation is methods of warming our toes back up after our four hour
watches. Since reaching sub-zero we have been splitting the watch between
deck and below to try and conserve some energy and a little bit or morale!James – I don’t know what all the fuss is about, i’m still in Jeans and
foulies on bottom and a thermal, my scotland rugby top and my O’Neil jumper
as usual…(but that is because you spend your life at the chart table you
cheeky so and so!!)

Lara (Juilette, Tim, Andy and smug warm James)

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7 Responses to Thermals and fleece and jumpers ..Oh My!

  1. Gemma says:

    I am now freaking out and off to buy more layers!

  2. James that has been the best worn, travelled present I have ever known. Remember to wear it on Christmas day. Xx

  3. Anne Crawford says:

    Brrrrr good luck to all of you. It is 17.00h here and pitch back and after reading your blogs I am now feeling rather chilly…not as much as you though! So glad of central heating! Thinking of you all as you continue to battle the elements. Glad to know you still have some chocolate buttons for a little bit of heaven. Hello to Zoe,

  4. TAS says:

    Dubarrys… umm not that far south!.. you need some mountaineering neoprene over gaiters;-)) insoles from karrimat.. only way!

  5. Kirsty says:

    Holey moley Gemma you are not the only one….. and I have dubarrys!

  6. Simon (From Tim's work) says:

    We’re opening up a book on Tim’s boxer shorts here at Tim’s workplace. Keep us posted on when he changes them!

  7. Josie Lennox says:

    15 layers Juliet!! That’s pretty impressive! We’re all enjoying reading the blog each day and hearing how its all going. Looking forward to some photos, muchos love to you and Ali xx

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