Island Hopping

Hi Folks, Latest update in and posted below.

A short (ish) sail past Livingstone Island towards Deception, close on the
wind all the way. Mainsail and jib reefed with the storm staysail in a flat
sea pulling 8 knots, saw us reach Deception Island around 01:00 this

It’s not every day you can say you navigated into a volcano to anchor for
the night. An active one I might add (last eruption 1970). The island of
Deception is our latest port of call and with it comes yet more fantastic
scenery, the opportunity to see more wildlife, and a chance to swim in a hot
spring. We spent yesterday morning in Half Moon Bay on Half Moon Island,
just off Livingstone island, where we were treated to a tour of a Chinstrap
penguin colony courtesy of the little dapper chaps in black and white. A
couple of Gentoo penguins had paid a visit from across the water on
Greenwich Island, (presumably on a short holiday break), and a couple of
Weddell seals were sunning themselves on the beach. Wildlife photography
was the order of the day as us Gore-Tex clad sailors made our way around the
bay, snapping all we could see, and looking a little penguin-like ourselves
as we hobbled around the rocky and snowy terrain. We now have quite a high
appreciation of the patience involved in Frozen Planet style photography –
that often involves videoing something doing nothing in the hope it might do
something, only for it to conclude by doing… wait for it… it’s getting
up… no… nothing. Until my personal proudest moment in charge of a
camera, where I snapped some underwater footage of particularly inquisitive
little Chinstrap, who came and pecked the camera!

It’s still hard to believe we’ve made it here, to the South Shetlands, all
the way from Falmouth. Many miles from the home the scenery is like nothing
I’ve ever seen, and the spectacle of every new landfall leaves one
speechless. But rather than be speechless this time, I would like to wish
Louise a wonderful 30th birthday back in Rotterdam – I hope you have a great
day! Thinking of you from the other side of the world.

Andy K

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3 Responses to Island Hopping

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi guys, so proud you have made it all the way down there! Still loving reading the blog every day. Glad you seem to have the heater working, can’t imagine how cold it is! Guess the windscoop isn’t required anymore and the hatches are frozen shut! Can’t wait to see pictures, love and hugs to you all (big one to Zoe) miss you! Andrea xx

  2. Stephen Walls says:

    Zoe, such a nice surprise to receive all the chocolates, now safely devoured by the team! We missed you last night at the Christmas do but I am sure GHE will fill you in on all the shenanigans. Have a magically different Christmas – take good care. Stephen

  3. Henrietta Nelson says:

    All sounds incredible – I am green with envy as I sit here in front of my computer in London. Hope you are taking masses of photos for us all to ogle when you’re back – I’ll be disappointed by anything less than frozen planet style footage. Lots of love to you all particularly Ali and Juliet (J – isn’t it time you wrote a blog?!) Henri xxxxx

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