Cocktails and skinny dipping

Here you go folks, Saturday’s update is in, sounds like a good Friday evening was had by all.

Hello, Juliet here, writing my first blog post since joining in Ushuia. Prompted by my bossy older sister commenting on yesterdays blog I should write, i thought I’d take this quiet opportunity (everyone is still fast asleep after a bit of a late night!).

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day. We saw something we had all been longing to see for days, something i was desperate to have in my Antarctica footage, but heard was rare…..yes! Blue sky and sun! As we motored (unfortunately couldn’t sail as no wind) through the Gerlache Strait, the snowy islands, mountains and icebergs looked spectacular glistening against the blue skies. Another novel sight was the amount of crew we had out on deck, out of choice rather than because they were on duty. This was useful though, as we come further south and nearer the mainland continent itself the icebergs and smaller ‘bergy bits’ are becoming more common so we need to keep a careful watch.

Arriving at Enterprise Island we moored up beside an old sunken ship which is well known to sailors in these parts as being the only fully secure mooring spot in the area. Everywhere else we have and will stop are anchorages which require us to take rotating anchor watch duty and to stay under the drink drive limit. Therefore number one priority once we safely moored, was to get in the dinghy’s and nip to shore in search of some ice for the selection of cocktails which were being lovingly prepared by Tim below deck. The cliffs where we sourced the ice looked absolutely beautiful, the sun bringing out the incredible shades of blue within the ice and snow. In one small cave the blue was so intense it almost looked like it was being lit by an artificial blue UV light.

Another priority for some was to make the most of the relative warmth and take a dip in the icey waters. We had various methods of entry, climbing down the ladder, jumping off deck and my preferred choice, swinging off the halyard. Royce and Lynda even made it to shore to bring back some ice for their cocktails.

After enjoying some cocktails, wine and a delicious dinner, we had fun playing a rowdy, competitive but hugely entertaining game of Articulate.

So a big HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone at home and thank you all so much for the amazing presents and surprises which were hidden in my bag.


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5 Responses to Cocktails and skinny dipping

  1. Julie Tilling says:

    Hope Carl is alive and kicking! Has he stopped being sick yet? Still waiting for him to write the blog. Enjoying reading about your adventures. Merry Xmas to everyone Carl’s Mum x

  2. John and Rosie Burke says:

    Good to hear from you Juliet and Ali. I all sounds amazing and we are almost addicted to the blogs. We will be thinking of you at Christmas and yours will certainly be different.

  3. calvyn says:

    well done so far guys. hope you all have amazing Christmas and you see the new year in in style! love to all and big hugs. will have a dark and stormy and think of you all. stay safe.
    black diamond

  4. Julianna says:

    So what cocktails did Tim make and were they any good? Need to know what to request at our next encounter.

  5. Laurel Rothschild says:

    You guys are taking “Polar Bear Plunge” too literally 😉 Lynda, stoked to hear you are still getting quality ocean AND cocktail time. Marcus, Elizabeth, Jim and I are heading down to Mexico (Las Rocas) tomorrow for a night before Christmas and it is in the mid 70s (Fahrenheit) here. Violet is awesome and almost walking now. Thinking of you Lynders and sending you warm thoughts!! MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!


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