Twelve Days of Christmas, from Elinca!

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9 Responses to Twelve Days of Christmas, from Elinca!

  1. Gemma says:

    Love it! Happy Christmas you lot and to all who followers her. Can’t wait to see you very soon, Gemma xx

  2. Anne Crawford says:

    Brilliant! Well sang Stephen too!

  3. Well done everyone Christmas no1 if ever I heard one, am on the phone to simon cowell just now merry Christmas to all x

  4. Will play it for Frankie on the big telly tomorrow. Mark x

  5. Caroline Glover. says:

    And a very Happy Christmas to all of you. If I were thirty years younger I would wish to join you, your voyage has filled me with nostalgia, Beware! The Ice is addictive.

  6. George and Mary-Ann Auckland says:

    Very good Elinca! Eat your heart out Gareth Malone. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone – special love to Zoe from Mum, Dad, George and everyone who got magic postcards, plus many friends at St Stephen’s. Amilia and Sam are dead proud of their godmother. xxxx

  7. Stephen Kitching says:

    We are following your moves and the places you are seeing seem fascinating. Keep up the blogs, they are good. You may be interested to know that Stornoway continues to experience 80 plus mph of gales and snow with a humdinger forecast tomorrow
    A Merry Christmas to you all as we raise a glass.
    Hilda and Stephen

  8. John Theakston says:

    Brilliant!! Have a very happy Christmas all of you …. Kings College Cambridge already booked for next year’s Christmas Eve. Simon Cowell “eat yer heart out”


  9. Alison Burden says:

    Hi Carl,
    Wishing you a happy Christmas.
    Love Grandpa and Mavis Xx

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