Christmas messages!

Thankyou all for all the messages. Much appreciated

Christmas dinner menu aboard Elinca:

– Mulled Wine
– Melon

Main Course:
– Roast Chicken
– Roast potatoes and butternut squash
– buttery carrots
– broccoli
– red cabbage with apple
– white cabbage with caraway seeds
– pigs in blankets with chorizo sausage and bacon
– tons of gravy and cranberry sauce

– Christmas pudding and brandy butter (thank you to Petter Flutter)
– Mixed fruit Crumble (thank you to the girls at Port Lockroy)

Wee bloglet from Clare:

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas! Marple people, thanks to those who sent me
messages via Susi on Christmas Eve. Susi thankyou for my advent calendar and
the Christmas chocolates. Mum and Dad and Andy really lovely to the Sat
phone from the middle of the penguin colony next to our boat and love to
Grandma and Gramp and all at the Elsegood family Christmas and to all the
rest of the Rose clan on boxing day. I hope that Andy didn’t eat all the
pigs in blankets. Also hello and merry Christmas to any Thorpe’s out there
that might be watching…

We were tucked up into a tight little bay with four shore lines out so we’ve
been able to relax last night (Christmas eve) and have a few drinks. I
cooked the Christmas roast with Zoe and miraculously it all came together.
We invited the girls from the Port Lockroy Post Office over so we were 19 in
total. That was a challenge for Elinca’s little oven. Tomorrow morning we’re
going to open our presents and then head off to catch the southwestlerlies
home. I absolutely love Antarctica and I’m still sad that we are leaving
tomorrow even though I know that I’ll be back again in a week or so. It’s
just the most beautiful place in the world, it’s the light on the snow and
the colours in the ice. It’s been worth 3 years of planning to get back here
and I really hope it won’t be my last visit. That said, I need to get back
to sea so that i have a chance to sleep. It’s so hard to get sleep down here
for fear of missing something exciting, beautiful or unique.

Hey all, just to say thanks for all our wonderful messages and support.
Like Clare said we’ve been really privileged to hang out down here and see
some remarkable sights. I think for a storm a few weeks ago someone onboard
said it was ‘savagely beautiful’ and that about sums up this whole place.
The colours and scale and grandeur and delicacy have to be seen to be
believed. My love to Veronica and Brian and Margaret and my Granda Boyce
and Andy and Kerry and John Laing and Emma and everyone else i’ve missed who
sent us Christmas wishes, James, xx

To the family in Aldeburgh, was really nice to speak with you all this afternoon.
Merry Christmas again!

Barbara, merry Christmas to you. I will be happy to share the penguin
photos. I have a lot of them… they are quite incredible creatures and
taking photos of them waddling around becomes quite addictive.

David R, good to hear from you. Pretty much all the drinks taste good with
fresh iceberg in, and we tried a few. Hope all is well with you and that you have a
great Christmas. The question for you is, are Sunderland going to get more points this season than QPR did
last year? Oh and make Andrea some tea.
Best, Junior

To all my family in the UK, Josh and the Maui crew in San Diego – Merry
Christmas from one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This is such
an amazing place its hard to express in words never mind capture in photos.
Christmas Day on Elinca has been brilliant, secret santa, mulled wine, roast
chicken (oven not even big enough for a turkey leg) even snuck in a cheeky
shower and a mince pie. Hope you are all having a great holiday, and Happy
New Year! Love to all X

Lovely to briefly speak today Ma, Pa and Granny and thank you for all your
messages (Henri, Ob’s and Carol). We had a truly magical setting for our
Christmas – really really spectacular, icebergs, dramatic mountains and
penguins.. all on a perfectly clear and sunny day. Clare and Zoe did a
fantastic job cooking us all the most amazing Christmas dinner in a tiny
galley. Love to all the family and will speak when I’m back. xxx

Andy R
Thank you for following our adventure and for your messages, it was really
nice to talk on the phone earlier. As I’m writing this we are sailing
North(ish) watching the sun set over a spectacular Antarctic mountain range,
it went down about 4 hours ago and the sky is still full of colour. It seems
like a fitting farewell to one of the most amazing places on earth. It
really is hard do describe what an incredible trip this has been, suffice to
say, I will definitely come back…

Hey! Thanks for the Birthday and Christmas wishes! Had a lovely day, and
even got a brownie with a candle, and spent a bit of quality time with the
Penguines! Its 3 am, we are sailing with a light breeze from astern, the sun
is still setting (or maybe rising now!) and the snowy mountains of
Antarctica are gently slipping away astern. Want to wish my mum a very Happy
Birthday too, and Merry Christmas to Charlie and Panda! Thanks for the
birthday wishes Diggs… hope your watch was quiet! missing everyone and
looking forward to coming home in a few weeks to have a second Christmas!!

Happy belated Christmas to family and friends at home and, of course, to our
fab follower Anne of York! Thank you for all your messages which put a smile
on my face but made me feel like I’ve missed out on all the fun! Anyone
fancy Christmas Round 2 when I’m back? However, having Christmas in
Antarctica has been very special and I will always remember hanging out with
the Gentoos on Christmas morning and the generosity of our cruise ship
friends who let us use their hot showers and fed us mince pies! I’m also
chuffed to have helped Clare prepare the biggest dinner I’ve ever made – it
was delicious. M, D & G it was really cool to speak to you on Christmas Day
and thanks for the video messages. Bro, your musical talent knows no
boundaries. M&D, I cried with laughter and was pleased to see the rubber
chicken making an appearance for the occasion. Ellie, although I missed you
I couldn’t resist trying in this spectacular setting – thanks for your
message. Love to you all. Zoe xxx

A big happy Christmas to all friends and family who may be reading this – it
was very nice to have a few minutes to talk to my family on the satellite
phone yesterday. I certainly missed many aspects of the festive period at
home despite enjoying it here in the snow and dramatic scenery. We enjoyed
a big Christmas meal on Christmas eve along with games and a quiz. On
Christmas day we were treated to beautiful weather with blueish clear skies.
Despite being completely surrounded by snow we did not experience a white
Christmas because it didn’t actually snow! In the morning we spent our last
time hanging out with the penguins and absorbing the marvellous scenery
before heading off on our long journey home. Its sad to say bye to the
white continent as it now slowly sinks into the horizon but hoping I’ll be
back some time soon! Lots of love to all. Ali x

Happy Christmas to everybody at home! Had an amazing time out here in the
ice where we capped off Christmas with a huge dinner (albeit on Christmas
eve)! Spent the morning wandering the Gentoo colonies that were on the
island by Port Lockroy and we also treated to a brief glimpse of some whales
in the bay. Secret Santa then ensued which was really fun and im now the
proud owner of a new baseball cap which James says ‘makes me look like
trouble’. We left Antarctica via the Melchior Islands and were spoilt with a
view that included both a sunset and a sunrise at once. Think it will be a
Christmas to remember so I hope you guys have had a great one as well! Ian x

Andy K
Merry Christmas to everyone one at home, (London, Rotterdam, Tilehurst,
Manchester and otherwise), and to Louise on your South American travels!
Thank you for the birthday greetings, Mum and Dad, it was great to speak to
you both on Christmas Day. To be able to spend Christmas Day in such
beautiful surroundings, with penguins providing constant entertainment all
around, is quite a spectacular treat. It’s difficult to say goodbye to such
an awe inspiring wilderness. I am still very much looking forward to
Christmas round 2 in London though!
Love to all,

Thanks for the messages. Smella, it was too chilly for a dress this year.
Mike, yep we had a little ice on our G+T and Helen, I’m afraid that we
forgot mince meat. I hope that all the SUCCers have a brill New Year! Joyce
and Bernie, I wasn’t brave enough for a swim but the others were in cossies;
your crossing sounds much worse than anything that we’ve had since Ushuaia.

Merry Christmas to my parents, who are on travels of their own at the
moment. Merry Christmas also to Clare and all my friends back home. Its
been a fantastic trip and its a shame that we are now leaving antarctica
behind. I look forward to seeing everyone on my return.

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5 Responses to Christmas messages!

  1. Josh says:

    Sounds like a fabulous Christmas was had by all! I know I can’t wait to see all the photos, even if that won’t do the trip justice. It’s been fun to follow the blog, and thanks Lynda for the shout out. Everyone’s been asking how you’re doing. Have a safe journey back to Chile.

  2. Heather Seddon says:

    Jon – thanks for message, sorry we missed you. Sounded like a great Christmas. Safe trip back to Ushuaia. Take care. Luv Mum

  3. Janet Howard says:

    Hi Lynda
    Comes with love and best wishes to you from all the family
    We had chicken also for Xmas lunch beautifully cooked and prepared by Tom. Three very excited children who had tracked father Xmas across world via the google tracking system!!!!
    Take care of yourself and have a super New year see you next year!!
    with love Aunty Janey

  4. Nicole Formosa says:

    Hi Lynda! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mammoth Mountain (where we could REALLY use some of that snow from your part of the world)! Gareth and Monica have joined us up here for a couple of nights and we’re off to meet them on the mountain now. Great to catch up on the blog and read your Christmas message. Hope your sea legs are nice and broken in and you’re getting used to life on the boat. It certainly sounds like an amazing way to ring in the new year! The San Clemente crew all misses you!

    Nicole & George

  5. Hayley says:

    Lynda… sounds amazing matey. I hope you spotted penguins. Glad you got a mince pie for crimble. Will keep reading..and thinking of funny things to say for when you are on the Atlantic. Happy New Year! Hayley xx

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