Happy New Year!

Back in Puerto Williams and the Micalvi (an intentionally sunken ship grounded in the harbour) again has become our local bar. The slightly sloping floors helped ease us back onto land gently and the wood burning stove warmed our cold stiff fingers. Elinca is now rafted up alongside a whole load of expedition boats all doing exciting thing. Right next to us (and dwarfing us) is Pelagic Australis a 75 foot aluminium sloop that is the base for adventures around the Chilean Channels, Antarctica and South Georgia. It is the perfect boat for the job with a big inside wheel house with windows, a lifting keel and rudder (meaning she draws only 1.2 m with the keel up) and cosy saloon with a reflex heater and massive bookshelf. Her design means that despite her size she can squeeze into small anchorages, perfect for nosing around the dubiously charted south. Sadly if you want to charter Pelagic Australis it would be 12K per person per month but if you had the money she would be the boat of choice.

Next to us on the other side is a Halberg Rassy 43 ft ketch with every possible modification under the sun. She is from Finland and her crew are on their way to Greece via Australia and Cape Horn. We suggested that there was a quicker way but they think this is more interesting. The skipper has just passed his 200,000 mile mark… respect.

By one of those odd twists of chance the boat in-front of us is skippered by ex OYT skipper Tom Bastable. As we tied up we heard a Bolton accent shout ‘eh Boycey’ and there he was. Tom has been sailing down the world the relaxed way stopping and living in the counties her visited on the way. He now speaks three languages and he and is now working with his girlfriend on Santa Maria (a wee boat that runs charters around the Chilean Channels). We’ve invited them over for Haggis Supper this evening so I’m sure there will be wine and lots of catching up.

On the other side of Micalvi is a really small double ended sloop with no engine. Aboard this boat are an American couple and their massive black dog. They have been sailing from Sanfransico (without an engine) and have been living down here for two years!

Tonight is new year! and we plan to host a Hogmanay Haggis Supper on the boat and then retire next door to Micalvi for drinks. I imagine the blog will be late tomorrow but we’ll try not to be too late as we all want to be up for a New Year swim and a walk up the hill.

For anyone who was wondering if we ever did find life in Puerto Toro. That’s a negative. Yesterday it rained and we motored the boat around the corner to the ‘most southern village in the world’ whilst some of the crew walked over the hill to meet us. We saw no-one and left after a couple of hours for the bright lights of Puerto Williams.

Happy New Year to all at home!

Happy Birthday to James Auntie Veronica.


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10 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. George Auckland says:

    Happy New Year to everyone on Elinca – sounds like you have a great night lined up. Hope 2014 won’t be a let-down after your awesome voyage! We’ll be thinking of you Zoe and missing you loads – Mum and Dadxx

  2. Margaret Scott says:

    Happy New Year to all on Elinca. Hope you have a great night and there are not too many sore heads in the morning. Lots of love to James and Clare xx

  3. Josie Lennox says:

    We have so much enjoyed reading the blog each day; at times it must have been difficult to write but i am sure all the Elinca followers have followed it with interest, excitement….a little trepidation on turning on the computer each morning. Enjoy the new year celebrations and your travels back to UK whether by sea, land or air. love to Ali and Juliet and best wishes to your shipmates the Lennox family

  4. Veronica Boyce says:

    Thank you for the birthday message and wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe new year…..with lots of laughs and stories along the way of course! Lots of love from Roni and Elaine xxxx

  5. Heather Seddon says:

    Happy New Year to you all and best wishes for the rest of the trip. Love Heather

  6. Suzanne says:

    Happy new year to all…hope you have a great start to 2014 in beautiful surroundings and great company, see you this year!! Suzanne, Jonny and Liam

  7. Tatiana Domitrovic says:

    Happy new year, Lynda and to everyone on Elinca – I am enjoying the blog and looking forward to see you and when you come to our much warmer coast !


  8. Joyce &Bernie says:

    Happy New Year to you all, sounds as if a great party was planned – hope you all had a good time and not suffering too much! Enjoy the break before your next journey. I hope you swam this time Jon! Love J&B x

  9. Anne Crawford says:

    Wishing you all lots of happiness and fun in 2014. Happy sailing to everyone on Elinca, Anne of York.

  10. David Acland says:

    Happy New Year.
    Great blog. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

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