Heating is broken….again!

James is fixing the heater … again. Clare is running around paying the marina and getting the forms ready for the prefectura. Fanny is shopping for warm clothes having abandoned all hope that her bag will show up. Hopefully we’re off in two hours. Lara is down making people cups of tea and being generally useful whilst the rest of us cross our fingers that the wind will not increase before we are ready to leave. The Argentine ports have a rule that above 25 knots of wind they shut the port to sailing boats and this would mean us being forbidden to leave until the wind has died away. According to the forecast that would be Wednesday. So, the plan is to sneak out before the wind starts to blow, head down to Puerto Williams and to shelter in the comfort and pisco sours of the Micalvi yacht club. We are now regulars and even though we forgot to pay our morning fees last time we left (New Years day) they told us on the radio that we are still welcome back. The little Chilean town is a lovely place to wait out bad weather with some nice walking. We are then waiting on the weather again to set off across the Drake.

There are still mixed feeling of sadness and excitement. It’s really strange to have said goodbye to the old crew, some of whom have been on since Falmouth. However there is just no time for melancholy as the new crew are here and are so excited. For those reading the blog who do not know the new crew we have: farther and daughter combination Sarah and John Theakston (John on until Punta del este and Sarah until Falmouth), Kathleen Dwyer all the way from Australia, Gemma who has a whole convent of nuns praying for our souls, Nick (great British bake off) Higson and Cliggy Matthewman who are both back from their month off, Richard Clarke and Stafford Craig who are both part of our SAGA lout contingency and their wisdom is proving useful already as Richard helps James with the heater, Fanny Mitchell our oldest and boldest crew member at 70 years young, Kirsty Keith a fellow Scot to keep James company and finally we have some more internationals with Katrin from Germany and Torsten from Denmark.

We’ll get these guys started writing blogs over the next few days whilst the photographs from the last trip slowly appear! Fingers crossed the second half of Adventure2013 will equal the first.

Clare Xx

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3 Responses to Heating is broken….again!

  1. Amazing photographs! Amazing weather!

  2. Barbara matthewman says:

    Good luck to you all. Have a magical and safe trip.

  3. Jess says:

    have fun guyyyyyss!


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