Almost ready…

Hi everyone! It’s my first day as home contact today – I’ve been looking forward to it since I got off the boat in Rio back in November which seems like a very long time ago now! I had such an amazing time during my 6 weeks on the boat and I’m pleased to be able to feel part of it again for this week. Happy New Year to everybody reading the blog 🙂

I’ve not blogged in a long time and it feels like a lot has happened. We’ve made it all the way to Ushuaia, had a trip to Antarctica and back, lost a whole load of friends and had the melancholy of that, and immediately been joined by a new lot of friends and left for Antarctica again.

Yesterday we safety talked, Prefectura’d, Immigrationed, Aduana’d and sailed along to Puerto Williams and today we’ll Prefectura, Immigration, Agriculture and Aduana. In the midst of all that we chased Fannys bag and it should be following us to Puerto Williams to arrive at lunchtime today, and then, weather permitting we’ll head south.

Last night we danced and drank Pisco Sours in the Micalvi, and thanks to Jims mum we had a pennant to sign and hang in pride of place on the ceiling. We of course signed it with all the old crew names, and the new. A huge thanks to Jims mum, those are perfect!

Hope everyone at home is warm and well,

James and all on Elinca

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