Seasick crew…and two birthdays!

Hello all blog readers. We have had contact from the boat this morning to say they are currently sailing SE towards Antarctica and are about a third of the way across. Unfortunately with an Easterly wind blowing force 6/7 most of the crew are suffering with seasickness and therefore can’t stay down below to write a proper blog. An abridged blog is as follows:

watch too sick to write blog. maybe later. lots of birds. should be calming down later, Force 8 through the night… these penguin chicks better be worth it!

We have two birthday boys on board today – Torsten is 31 and Richard Clarke is 63! If you would like to send them birthday wishes then please comment on the blog or on the facebook group and I will pass the messages on to the boat tonight. Hopefully the birthday boys may be feeling a bit better by then.


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11 Responses to Seasick crew…and two birthdays!

  1. Stephen Williams says:

    Happy Birthday greetings to Richard. We’re following your passage with great interest and trust that you’re not feeling too queezy. …….trust us, the penguins are worth it! We hope you are able to wave to Janet as she passes on her cruise ship! Our very best wishes to you and also to Sarah & John. Much love from Stephen & Jane

  2. Jo Theakston says:

    Happy Birthday Richard from Yorkshire! Hope you are all holding up as well as possible..sounds tough today; a lot tougher than dodging sunsail yachts on the Solent! Safe passage..
    Jo T

  3. Allan Kirk says:

    Happy Birthday to Richard! Perhaps not the best location to tuck into a rich birthday cake, but I’m sure it can wait a day or two. I hope you managed to repair the heater the other day, or are you hot-bunking? Allan, the incompetent crew.

  4. The “Arco Stalkers” wish all crew on the good ship Elinca well – sounds like the Birthday Bug is catching with multiple “many happy returns”. It WILL be worth it

  5. Rachel says:

    happy Birthday Richard from Mum, Rachel and Sarah

  6. Tom Clarke says:

    Happy Birthday Dad (Richard)! I hope you’re having fun in spite of the bumps and start to feel a bit better soon. Just to let you know the civil service offered me a job this morning which is exciting, will tell you more when you get back as I don’t know masses about it as of yet. Happy birthday again. Love, Tom, Kate and Tess

  7. Ida Dyhr says:

    Torsten: tillykke med fødselsdagen – jeg har sunget fødselsdagssang til dig herhjemme fra Hollændervej og håber du har hørt den, trods vind og vejr, for jeg sang dælme højt (naboklager og det hele)! Håber du har haft en sjov dag, trods alt. Vi må fejre dig igen, når du kommer hjem. Pas på dig selv. Jeg savner dig. Knus fra Ida (og Karl P.!)

  8. Jane Theakston says:

    Happy birthday Richard from Jane in sunny Australia. I hope the sea-sickness doesn’t last long and you can enjoy the wildlife.

  9. Jane Theakston says:

    Lots of love and hi to Sarah and John too…….scopalomine patches working? All well here in this wonderful country.

  10. Thomas Schultz-Larsen says:

    Hey broe (Torsten)!
    Happy birthday. Mum tried to leave a short b-day notice but without luck.
    It’s finally friday and thus weekend for the hardworking people. Sofie and I are celebrating with red wine, steak de poivre and a Irma raspberry pie 🙂

    GLHF on Anartica

    /Thomas and Sofie

  11. Christian schultz says:

    Hej Torsten,

    Det er jo ikke fordi jeg er for kvik med de her moderne kommunikatiknskanaler:
    Stort til lykke med søsyge fødselsdagen 🙂
    Det lyder bare for fedt.

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