Land sighted and late birthday celebrations

Thanks to everyone for the great responses to the photos from Leg 5. Just to confirm to everyone reading that the photos going on the blog at the moment are from the last Antarctica leg in December, the photos from the current leg will be put up after they are back in Ushuaia later in the month and have better internet connection.

Good Morning from Elinca! We started our 4:00 to 8:00 watch with a beautiful
sun rise. We are motoring through the Boyd Strait and at the horizon you see
all the different islands. You can’t really tell how far away they are as
the air is so clear. They are all covered in snow and ice and just look
amazing in the morning sun. We currently have Deception Island to starboard,
though today we are headed for Half Moon Island and Yankee Harbour, to
hopefully see some chin-strap penguins and elephant seals. The sea is still
quite calm since yesterday. Even in this early hour you can feel the suns
warmth in the cold air. And sunglasses and sun cream are a must have. The
sun cream is a bit odd as you are fully covered in clothes with only a nose
sticking out. So it’s quite likely that you forget it, which results in a
few red noses on board. Though when we say “warmth” we are still wearing two
hats, two pairs of gloves and many more layers top and bottom, your toes are
always cold at the end of the four hour watch.

Since the wind died down and the waves reduced yesterday morning, there has
been a whole lot more activity on board Elinca. Everyone had three meals
yesterday for the first time since leaving Chile. Yippee!!! At midday
yesterday, we awoke to the delightful aroma of James’ freshly baked bread
and were able to all eat lunch together. Some of the faces we had not seen
for a while, so it was a nice surprise to sit down with all of them. The
change in conditions made a huge difference and there was a lot of cleaning,
tidying and even changing underwear activity…. Gemma especially had a big
purge at cleaning the galley and her cabin, plus cooking for everyone – the
pumpkin soup was just the ticket for lunch.

We also celebrated Torsten’s and Richard’s birthdays, only a day late. But
we more than made up for the delay with a tasty banana and orange cake in
the evening sun.
This morning we are doing a mixture of motoring and sailing as wind allows.
Right now, we are looking forward to our first stop on Half Moon Island.
Hopefully we will see our first penguin colonies later today. It just should
take us a couple of more hours to get there. We just went past quite a big
“bergy bit” probably about 10m wide and the same in length, very pretty!

Kirsty & Katrin & Kathleen & Richard (all the Ks and an R watch!)

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2 Responses to Land sighted and late birthday celebrations

  1. Jane Williams says:

    Dear Richard, John, Sarah et al.
    Glad to hear the crew have revived – a nice piece of birthday cake should restore morale. Delighted to hear you’ve made it to the Antarctic peninsula – hope you all find it totally magical and perhaps a little ethereal and unreal. Apart from Gentoo and chinstraps, any sightings of Janet and George sailing by in splendour?
    Look forward to hearing from you when you are up to it – off to spend the evening with the Measures,
    Jane and Steve

  2. Andy Strong says:

    Hey Kirsts
    Glad to hear your all feeling better. Im sure you were fine.
    Well done on not getting eaten by the whales, its a great start.
    Photos look amazing from the previous group so know you will be having the once in a lifetime trip you hoped for.
    The weather has been amazing here today after all the rain. Ive just got back from Pier 2 Pier with Jordan. Went really well.
    Enjoy the penguins and calmer seas.


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