Heading north!

And so we’re heading north. It’s been a hell of a ride all the way down here, 11000 miles covered and distance and time wise we’re at the half way point and turning the bows towards the relative warmth. But first, South Georgia and it’s roaring pounding beauty beckon, and like a siren it’s lure is impossible to resist.

With this crew we’ve had a spectacular Antarctic voyage: fin whales, humpbacks, orcas, weddel seals and crabeaters; gentoos, chinstraps and adelies and even the Emperor himself; skuas and albatrosses and sheathbills; and the grand majestic world of mountains wreathed in ice and cloud that go straight out the water to 1000 and 2000 and even 3000 metres.

We’ve explored and photographed iceberg graveyards and sunsets and rocky anchorages, we’ve clambered hills in search of trig points, swam to say we did it, been made welcome into the eclectic small band of hardy sailors who thrive in this world, made friends with film-makers and postmistresses and improved international relations with the Ozzies.

Yesterday we chilled out and waited on the weather to improve, and mentally prepared ourselves a bit for our Drake crossing. We said our personal goodbyes to this astonishing landscape and pottered around to say cheerio to Dave on Pelagic and Andy and Ruth who’re making their gentoo film for the BBC. We dropped off a whole load of fresh fruit to the girls in the post office and we watched Happy Feet. Everyone loves a dancing penguin! The forecast looks like we’ll have some Easterlies then some southerlies, and by the time we reach Cape Horn the wind will be filling in from the West and increasing quite strong so we’re going to go as fast as we can. Here’s hoping we’ll be tucked up somewhere in Chile by the time the wind blows!

Hope all’s well at home,

James and the team 🙂

Ps… Any comments for the birthday girl? Lara

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3 Responses to Heading north!

  1. Saskia says:

    Happy Birthday KATRIN!!!! The trip sounds amazing und ich will so viele viele Fotos sehen!!!! Viele Spaß und lass Dich von allen feiern! Kuss, Deine Saskia

  2. Vivian Keith says:

    I passed HMS Discovery in Dundee this afternoon and thought of you all….
    Kirsteen’s Mum.

  3. Rosie Conboy says:

    Hi there, Gemma’s sister here. I’ve been really enjoying your blogs. I hope you have a safe and calm crossing. Looking forward to seeing all the photos. Special hello to Gemma, I hope there’s no sea sickness! Love Rosie & co xxx

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