Flying at 9 knots

So yesterday the time was finally upon us and it was time to go north, so at an unusual start of 0600 (for us anyway – the light nights have been confusing our body clocks immensely ) we dropped all the shore lines from our impromptu harbour at Port Lockroy, said good by to the penguins living at the bow and slid neatly off on our long journey north. We were wished well on our travels by two whales simultaneously showing us their tails as they dived for breakfast on the way out of the bay – a lovely scene which drew loads of oohs and ahhs for the grand finale.

Elinca and her crew motor sailed up the Gerlache Strait before turning left into the Schollaert Channel and past the Melchior Islands, we had a beautiful day with which to say good by to Antarctica and on the final opportunity the scenery still didn’t fail to please with several last snaps being taken by the photography core before the sails were hoisted and we were on our way.

So with sails finally up we fell back into our watch systems, the crew falling back to a constant 5 on watch and everyone else like ships passing in the night, but before that there was a final celebration and an impromptu carrot cake to celebrate Katrins Birthday. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch was sung all round.

Right now the wind has just picked up again and we’re flying north at 9 knots so hopefully we will have a good days sail to report tomorrow.


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1 Response to Flying at 9 knots

  1. Barbara matthewman says:

    Happy birthday Katrin from Cliggy’s Mum. What a wonderful place to celebrate a birthday!
    Safe sailing to all as you make your way north and then to South Georgia.
    Weather in Sheffield is mostly gloomy and overcast. Roll on Spring!

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