The admin Bomb!

Hey hey all readers!

Today the admin bomb has exploded all over the place as the end/beginning of voyage randomly’s (the big checklist of all the jobs that need doing weekly monthly etc) are being done. You would currently not recognise the usually pristine  boat, floor boards are up, tool kits are out and a sense of purpose has come across those volunteering to help out. Strong wafts of diesel, oil, grease and petrol float around as engines are checked and serviced and black handed crew run about on important errands. After 4 weeks the bins in which we keep all our waste have to be emptied and cleaned. Some of you may know that we compact all our waste in the galley before we store it and that means for the unlucky guys volun-told to do this job shifting several 15 -20 kg blocks of waste across the assault course of moored up boats is just the beginning. Grunts and groans could be heard right across the bay as said blocks were passed from person to person. Cleaning the bins is no easier, being 4ft high and 2ft wide it can be easy for some an unlucky crew member, reaching for the last bit of grime at the bottom, to fall in and become stuck. We will keep you updated…….

On a lighter note, the deck electronics are mostly working again HURRAH! Richard has had his head buried in the deck box most of the afternoon surrounded by tools of the trade. Tape, solder, cable ties and tools litter the deck but if the deck speakers work then who is going to complain!!

As most of you have probably noticed Elinca is very unlike a car; mainly the sails, floating on water and space for 14 people but also the ease at being able to put diesel in the tanks. None of this turn up to the petrol station and put the pump in, fill up, pay and maybe pick up a snickers and the latest edition of auto trader (other things available but who doesn’t like snickers and A.T.?). Here at the end of the world you have spend several hours trying to organise somewhere to park where a fuel truck can come along side, then pay (A major issue when you want to buy 1000 litres of  diesel and your credit card only lets you take out 20p at a time). Clare successfully managed to do this but only ask how if you are ready for an hour long rant!

Now it is time to hand over to our culinary correspondent, Nick, in the galley with a special report.

Thank you anchor-man Nick. This is a very special report indeed, rumours have been spreading around the boat about something being described as ‘big beef’ or ‘mega meat’. Speculation has been rife over what this may be, everything from a pet cow to a visit from the Chilean body building team. We can now tell that it is a big roast dinner! (how we didn’t see that coming I don’t know). Beef wellington to be precise. This is to be a multi crew effort with the ovens in both Elinca and Pelagic Australis being used to try and get everything ready in time. With an invite extended to the port general we will report back tomorrow with the aftermath report. Back to the studio.

Well that’s pretty much all we have time for.
Stay classy readers

Nick and all the news crew

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  1. Allan Kirk says:

    Richard is your man for the electrics!

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