About to leave Ushuaia and head to the Falklands

From Clare

We are leaving for the Falklands this morning… now ish. (Email was sent at 13:40 UK time) We think we will stop once for a couple of hours in the Beagle Channel to let people ashore to see Harberton. Then we’ll be heading East across to the Falklands. ETA Tuesday.

From James

Today I put on my new oilskins.  You may think this is a revolution in my thinking, but they’re not new really.  I’ve been getting other people to wear them in and appearing like a real gentleman by loaning them out for the past 2 years.  The truth is that i like my old ones, and unfortunately they’re now starting to leak. It’s a pity as the older ones are all dirty and make me look cool. Some might say that such forward thinking on my part may lead to the discarding of a certain other part of my clothing range, but to those naysayers i say: Back away!
In other news we said goodbye to some folk from our previous crew and all the funky boats in Ushuaia and we’re headed for the Falklands with our new crew.
We’ve lost our Saga louts and some of our younger ones too and it was with lots of tears that we said goodbye to them 5 or 6 times yesterday.  They’re all winging their way to different parts of the world and with our new crew we’re off on a wee bimble towards Stanley on the East Falklands. There we should collect our remaining crew, do some sightseeing of wildlife and wartime places, and watch the weather and head off for South Georgia. Very Excited!

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