Rocking, lulling, swinging, clanging, flopping and flogging

Well the predominant feature of the last 24 hours has been rolling.
Rocking, lulling, swinging, clanging, flopping and flogging.  This makes the
following things difficult; steering, winching, getting to the helm, getting
back from the helm, doing anything on the foredeck, reaching the toilet,
opening and closing the toilet door (particularly getting the tiny metal
hook into the tiny metal hole to hold the door open), pouring tea, finding
honey in the back of the cupboard, passing gingernut biscuits, getting into
your bunk, getting out of your bunk, getting dressed, writing the blog…
but most importantly SLEEPING.  Rocking onto your back then full force onto
your face ALL NIGHT, desperately trying to spread out and stabilise or wedge
yourself into a corner to get a tiny wee bit of kip.  However we mustn’t
complain.  The skies are blue and this morning we witnessed a beautiful
sunrise of pastel colours reflecting off the streaky clouds, rocking up and
down in front of us.  Pods of dolphins are never far away and we’re
constantly in the company of an albatross or 5 (or albatri as we have
collectively coined them).  So overall we are a content bunch of sailors,
cruising downwind at a comfortable speed and lolling, banging and clanking
our way happily onwards towards South Georgia.


In other news the sheep are salting nicely on the rail as they are occasionally dipped into the sea. We’re going to do a Lamb themed inter watch ‘come dine with me’ competition. Watch this space

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