Bloglet: Arrived on South Georgia

At lunch time yesterday we arrived at Grytviken on the stunning island of South Georgia. After Simon the Government Officer welcomed us, explained about the biosecurity measures necessary on the island and completed the paperwork we went on a small walk among the fur and elephant seals and King penguins. We saw Ernest Shackleton and Frank Wild’s graves and explored the old whaling station.

There’s a web cam overlooking the Tijuca jetty that we’re moored to. You can view it by going to the South Georgia Government web site and then looking at the web cam section. A new image is uploaded every three minutes. We’ll try and get everyone on deck at 21:00 UK time (18:00 boat time) so that you can see us. If anyone gets a chance to save the image and upload it to a blog comment or Facebook we’d be grateful.

We’re off for a tour of the museum now and we’ll write a fuller blog later.

Best wishes,


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3 Responses to Bloglet: Arrived on South Georgia

  1. jane says:

    Sounds amazing.
    Look forward to the photos.
    Saw Elinca last eve on the webcam.
    Enjoy and take care.
    Hope Cpt Bill got his sums right!

  2. Lawrie Allum says:

    Hi Jon,

    Didn’t see your blog until 21:50 so too late to see you but looked at the SG gov web site where there are two web cams, as copied below:
    South Georgia Webcam2

    (Live picture from South Georgia – new image uploaded every 3 minutes.)

    Webcam 2 is an outdoor webcam installed on a weather mast at KEP. Usually it looks across the Cove to Grytviken, but can swing around to look down KEP beach towards Hope Point.

    South Georgia webcam1

    (Live picture from South Georgia – this page will refresh automatically every 3 minutes.)

    This webcam is situated in Larsen House at King Edward Point. The view is south east across Cumberland Bay East to Greene Peninsula and the mountains beyond. Dartmouth Point is in the middle ground and Susa Point in the foreground. The steps on the right lead into Larsen House. Tussac grass is growing immediately in front of the steps. From October to March elephant seals, penguins and fur seals will be on the beach in front of the web cam.

    Sounds very fascinating,
    Have a great time,
    Lawrie (Richy’s dad)

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