A rainy day in Prince Olav Harbour, North Bay

Knowing today was not going to be one of the bright shiny ones we were beginning to get used to, we had a gentle start this morning, taking our time over breakfast etc. and basically hiding from the mist and pouring rain outside. Neither the serious glacier assault team or the group of ordinary walkers were up for doing their thing in that kind of weather when it is not absolutely necessary. Glacier adventures were postponed until the next day in the hope it would be drier.

By mid afternoon some of us could handle the inactivity no longer and an expedition ashore was assembled, but not before one of us had been clearly reminded that the crumbling remains of this disused whaling station are strictly out of bounds, even to this most enthusiastic of industrial archaeologists! Most of these works contain decomposing equipment with crumbling asbestos insulation which the strong wind distribute around the site. It is also plainly clear that some of the buildings have succumbed to the ravages of nature and collapsed. As a result, there is a 200 meter exclusion zone around the sight. Never the less, the whole place still looks very inviting to the average explorer.

Ashore, we climbed to the top of the ridge which separates this bay from Lighthouse Bay to the North of us and were once again fascinated to note how high we had to climb, probably over 150 feet, before we were no longer being ambushed at unexpected moments by croaking fur seal pups and their less cute anxious mums, lingering maliciously in the tussocks. At the top we were met be our new friend Ewan who succumbed to a second dinner invitation. Clearly, last night’s dinner hadn’t done too much damage to Anglo-French relations!

Very pleased to note that the sight of seals swimming in the reservoir put an end to all intentions towards another “refreshing” dip in near Antarctic fresh water, so we contented ourselves with a little bottom sledging down a handy snow field. And so back home for tea.

Ewan brought some slices of delicious smoked lamb from the Falklands for an entre and our lovely beef stew and dumplings were helped down by our viewing of a historical video of the operation of the local whale boiling factory, in complete and graphic detail.

Thus ended another perfect rainy day in S. Georgia.


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1 Response to A rainy day in Prince Olav Harbour, North Bay

  1. Jane says:

    Hi. Sounds fun. Hope you do the glacier today. Enjoy. When do you leave the island? Love jane

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