“Warmer by Wednesday”? Maybe…

52 17 S 39 18 W  

The sea is a bit bumpy and although the sun is shining there are a few green faces on deck. No-one slept much last night as 40 knot gusts from behind sent Elinca rolling… we sped along at 10 knots but the downside was a lack of sleep. Outside the weather is bitterly cold. This is because the southerly wind is blowing to us from Antarctica. The watch is huddled on deck under the ‘phuket’ and I am huddled down below at the chart table with a warm cup of tea. I paint a bleak picture but don’t worry; there is hope on the horizon. We are only 70 miles from the Antarctic Convergence and at our current speed this is only 9 hours away. Later today the wind is going to veer to the west and this will blow slightly warmer air off the continent. In only two days time we will have left behind the weather patterns of the South Atlantic and will be heading for the tropics. Everyone keeps muttering the current boat mantra ‘warm by Wednesday’ and I haven’t the heart to correct them… it will be more like Thursday 🙂 [Good job they can’t read the blog then ☺. Ed.] 

Clare Xx   

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1 Response to “Warmer by Wednesday”? Maybe…

  1. Paula says:

    You may need to remind them of this mantra before too long!

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