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This is just a quick bonus blog from Clare (and James who is asleep) to say thank-you for all the messages that have been coming though the last few days. Our amazing home contacts have been forwarding them to the boat and they have been keeping me entertained on night watch. I particularly liked the message of congratulations from Barbara M Owen who we have never met but follows the blog :-). Incidentally I’ve not really seen James for the last five days. James and I do shifts of 6 hours on and 6 off and so we see each other for about 15 minutes each shift change as one sleepy person ‘high fives’ control of the boat over to the other. Not to worry though, we’ve got a bottle of champagne ear-marked for Uruguay and maybe an evening away from the the boat.

We are hoping to see at least some of you at the coming home party in Falmouth where we’ll be able to offer you gin and tonic with genuine Antarctic Ice. We chipped it off ice bergs at ~65 degrees south, crushed it up and fed it into bottles. We’ve been transporting it (as water) in the designated ‘Antarctic Ice’ locker (also where we keep the toilet roll) and we’ll re-freeze it on the homeward leg from La Coruna to Falmouth. You might think this is a waste of time and argue that one ice cube tastes the same another but it’s the principle of the thing and anyone who has made the effort to come to Falmouth deserves an ice cube that has travelled over 10,000 miles!

Clare Xx

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3 Responses to Bonus Blog

  1. Jim Boyce says:

    Clare, I don’t normally have ice in my malt,but on this occasion I shall make an exception. Cheers.

  2. Anne Spencer Smith says:

    Hi Clare and James. Congratulations. We are enjoying following your journey and avidly read the blog each day. Sounds like good preparation for married life. Love Anne, Tim and Dan

  3. Lawrie says:

    Hi Clare,
    Re. the Antarctic ice …. I don’t know if you have access to today’s news regarding ancient infective viruses preserved in permafrost ice being exposed by global warming but I’ve copied the clip from the BBC below:

    He told BBC News that ancient strains of the smallpox virus, which was declared eradicated 30 years ago, could pose a risk.

    “If it is true that these viruses survive in the same way those amoeba viruses survive, then smallpox is not eradicated from the planet – only the surface,” he said.

    “By going deeper we may reactivate the possibility that smallpox could become again a disease of humans in modern times.”
    Continue reading the main story
    “Start Quote

    Finding a virus still capable of infecting its host after such a long time is still pretty astounding”

    Prof Jonathan Ball University of Nottingham

    However, it is not yet clear whether all viruses could become active again after being frozen for thousands or even millions of years.

    “Finding a virus still capable of infecting its host after such a long time is still pretty astounding – but just how long other viruses could remain viable in permafrost is anyone’s guess. It will depend a lot on the actual virus.”

    Thanks but maybe I’ll give the ice with my gin and tonic a miss,
    Good sailing,
    Lawrie (Richy’s dad)

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