Half way to Uruguay

Now we have covered over half of the distance to our next country we are
allowed to start getting excited about actually arriving there. This means
reading the guide books and starting to think of things we can do. On the
cards are trips to Montevideo to visit markets, carnivals and more pretty
buildings and some RnR days spent on the beach. Our home contact from last
week sent us the following trivia about Uruguay:

1) The name of the country is derived from a Guarani word, which when
translated means “river of painted birds”.
2) It has the highest life expectancy and highest literacy of any country in
South America
3) there are 3 cows for every one person in the country
4) it is the only country which has the same 3 letters in the first 5
letters of its name in English
5) it’s the only country in the world to have provided all schoolchildren
with free laptops
6) carnival in Uruguay lasts longer than anywhere else, including Brazil: 40
days, and according to the website there should be plenty of it still on
when you get there, so best get stitching those sequins and feathers *now*
(though James can probably wear his Queen Neptune outfit!)

Of course the idea that there still might be carnival type celebrations
going on when we reach land has inspired more dancing in the cockpit of
Elinca… an 8 pm watch change rave took place whilst other, more diligent
members of the crew cleaned the galley. The calm weather has sparked of an
epidemic of experimental cooking. Necessary as, after 30 days away from a
supermarket, Elinca’s stores are running low. For lunch Cliggy and Sarah
cooked up a storm with Palenta. Palenta fried in butter was eaten with
anchovies, olives, tuna and a spicy tomato sauce… mmm. Then for dinner
Richy outdid himself with a novel risotto. Not only was the salty stock
complimented with sun dried tomatoes and chorizo sausage but separately he
roasted butternut squash in honey and olive oil. All was garnished with
parmesan an tasted fantastic. It seems that the less ingredients we have the
more inventive we all become. Richy especially has taken on the role of
‘bread maker extraordinaire’ last  night the 4am watch came down to find a
loaf of bread the size of the oven on the sideboard. On it was a paper sign
that read ‘EPIC BREAD… to be eaten epically’. Nick took some restraining
as his idea of eating a bread the size of an oven ‘epically’ was to eat it
all himself in one sitting. This was vetoed by everyone else present and
some small-print was added ‘to be eaten epically but with some remaining for
the 8am watch’. I had some in the night and in the morning at it was
great… it had seeds in. Tonight Richy has again made bread, this time a
current loaf. It may be a sign of the length of time we have now spent at
sea but this bread is decorated with a number of small sculptured breasts
and a willy.

More news from the Elinca kitchen tomorrow.

Clare Xx

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