Thanks to Stormgeo

At 0930 UTC Elinca was at 39’30S 49’00 W

From James
This morning I awoke and wandered on deck for my usual 0200-0800 watch to
find the team on deck learning their stars from the glorious array overhead.
They’ve built stories to remember them by – Scorpios evil claw, the
sparkling booty, Canus Major and his puppy…  It’s easy to see why the
ancient Greeks and Romans named them as they did, as a means of remembering
this ever revolving tapestry.  Out here without light pollution to take the
edge off it the effects are startling.  Shooting stars fly across the sky
whilst satellites make their more stately progress, and keen eyed navigators
wait for that perfect moment of twilight, when the last few bright stars
remain and the sun begins to rise and give us a horizon.  15 minutes later
and we know where we are. Sometimes!

We’re motoring again now but yesterday we had a brilliant sail, with the
breeze on the quarter all day, and 8 knots regularly rolling off the reel.
The sun shone, people were rejuvenated, and our forecasters at Stormgeo in
Aberdeen tell us later today we should get the breeze we need to take us all
the way into Uruguay.  We owe a huge thanks to them, specifically Natalie
and Wouter and Gary and Richard and Kirsty and Adrian who every day take
some time to tailor a forecast just for us.  It’s reassuring, I can tell
you!  This takes them away from their regular work, and means they have to
get their heads around weather systems in a completely different part of the
world and we appreciate it a lot. We’ve benefited massively from their
experience, working our way around difficult to read weather systems and so
far not having any unexpected bad weather.

On a side note, I’d like to say hello and thanks to everyone who’s sent us
messages of congratulations.  They’re still dropping in and it’s really
quite humbling to know you guys are all out there looking after us and
following what we’re up to. And that you care.  Thank you.


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2 Responses to Thanks to Stormgeo

  1. mike bassett says:

    Thanks for the inspiring blogs! Following your voyage with our youth group – currently getting them to know Orion’s star names – so thanks for your star update! Congratulations to James and Clare – and to all the crew for letting us share your amazing journey. Mike Bassett, with the Rusthall youth group, Tunbridge Wells.

  2. Richard Clarke says:

    I would echo the thanks to the team at Stormgeo. Everyone who was on leg 6 will remember that the really accurate forecasts got us snug and comfortable into Puerto Toro while Commitment, who did not have the weather routing, got a real pasting. Well done Stormgeo.
    Richard Clarke

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