“Nearly caught a fish….”

Well, some exciting and unexpected news. We have left Piriapolis already and are bound for Brazil. There is a low pressure set to  come through between Rio de Plata and Rio Grande on the 15th and so, not wanting to be beating into 30 knots we had to choose between leaving immediately so as to be north of it when it comes or wait until it passed to leave after it. The highlight of the next trip is expected to be the Baia de Ilha Grande where there are 250 islands, sandy beaches, clear waters and very few people. With this in mind we decided to set off to give ourselves the best chance of the most time in paradise. The new crew joined before two in the afternoon and by six we were underway, leaving behind a town we had all grown to like. This morning I woke to find the land had disappeared overnight and we are now 25 miles off shore and only 66 miles from the boarder with Brazil (Uruguay really is a small country).

A change from me (Clare) fussing over the shopping this trip I delegated the job to Cliggy and Sarah. They are both far better cooks than me and with the slightly calmer weather expected we can afford to be a little bit more adventurous in the kitchen. Sadly there is no more lamb as the Uruguayan supermarkets didn’t stock it so this week will be more like ‘come dine with me salad’. This is needed as most of the crew have spent the last week eating two steaks a day. I did come to the supermarket anyway to help and keep an eye on quantity. The standard 100 L of milk, 40 kg of potatoes, 40 kg of pasta and 24 chicken breasts were loaded on in record speed.

There was a brief moment of drama this morning as the wind died and the engine when turned on made a ‘funny noise’. Sarah rightly noticed that there was no water coming out of the exhaust. Turns out that our brief motor out of the Rio de Plata had picked up enough of the fine river silt to block the filter. Like I say, a mini drama as when cleaned up it all worked fine again.

Another brief moment of excitement occurred just half an hour later when the revs were dropped when Nick ‘nearly caught a fish’.  Again nearly was not near enough and he remains a proud contender for the much converted ‘Didn’t catch a fish on Elinca’ award.  To win this prestigious honour all he has to do is fail to catch a fish for longer than John Theakston.


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2 Responses to “Nearly caught a fish….”

  1. John Theakston says:

    Nick – glad you are on the fishing case. Was it the Psycho Lure again or did you get another kelp catching Spanish mackerel in Piriapolis?
    For the sake of the record I claim a catch on the way to Uruguay – just because Jon’s watch failed to land a well hooked fish when I was asleep doesn’t negate the whole planning, lure selection for the conditions, stalking (!) hooking business. Just can’t get good staff to finish the job. And it was ENORMOUS!
    John T

  2. Andrea says:

    Safe sailing guys, you’ll love Ilha Grande! If you go to Abraao on Ilha Grande (anchor up in the bay, nice restaurants and bars on the beach) then be sure to walk over the island to Lopes Mendes beach, worth the 2-3 hour walk (signposted) each way (take food and water). It is beautiful and has singing sand like some beaches on Scotland. We had a great time there!

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