Guess Whats for Lunch Today

Blog: Tuna for lunch

Yesterday was an exciting day, especially for Nick. In the middle of a warm and sunny morning watch we landed our first catch from the fishing line off the back of the boat. Even more exciting, it was a tuna!! Not a huge one, but big enough for a crew of 12 to enjoy. Sorry JT, I know this may be hard for you to hear after all your efforts on the last legs. Nick, Mike and Lynda did a beautiful job of gutting and filleting the fish, and we gently fried it for our lunch. Delicious!!

Well it seems that the sunrise was enough to summon Cliggy up on deck and so I (Mike) have been sent down to finish the blog instead.  I feel I should probably use the opportunity to apologise to NIck for doubting him during his very enthusiastic claims he was going to catch some Tuna.  However a few hours later he reeled in a fish, which then even turned out to be a Tuna. Doubts put a side the line was immediately re-set as the group effort of working out how to prepare and fillet it started, accompanied with Nick frequently declaring “I caught a Tuna” and “I am man!”

Since then we’ve managed to sail almost continuously, tacking up the coast of Brazil staying mostly just out of sight of land.  The presence of the occasional ship and the odd tack or reef giving a nice mixture of activity and sunbathing.  Those of us new to the boat have been learning the daily routines and watch system, whilst the longer standing crew seem to have slotted seamlessly back into the groove.  We also seem to have started the change over to tropical wildlife too with a Frigate bird following us at sunset last night, gliding in so close that we almost thought it was going to try and land on the mast.  All of which bodes well for our destination that we have been promised is an island paradise off the coast of Brazil. I’m sure will prove well worth the hurried departure from Uruguay!

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4 Responses to Guess Whats for Lunch Today

  1. John Theakston says:

    Nick – you are definitely the fishing king. Result!
    Was it difficult getting it out of the tin and hooked on to the line?
    Trained you well ….!

    Tight lines for the rest of the trip


  2. Susanne says:

    Gratulation Nick and everyone who helped! Nice 🙂

  3. Pete & Adele Lamb (Jenn's folks) says:

    Problem with fishing is TU NAver know when you are going to catch something 🙂 well done Nick

  4. Andrea says:

    Yay!! So pleased you have finally caught one 🙂 well done Nick! So it just takes 6 months of practice then?!

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