Shipmates Ahoy

Good morning everyone!

I have been thinking recently and realised I don’t think I have written a blog since January, this might mean that I have forgotten how to keep you all engaged with the wonderment that is this trip! Hopefully I haven’t but any complaints, comments, congratulations, love letters, hate mail, gifts, flowers, red cross packages etc can be sent to the comments section! So without further waffling here we go……

For those avid readers with charts on walls and toy boats following our progress we are currently at 30.28.35s and 48.51.57w, boat speed is around 6 or 7 knots  we are on a course of 050 degrees heading straight for Ilha Grande. Weather is looking up which means that we can sail past while it is distracted.

Now to head over to Elinca chart table for a special report

So ‘ere we are, floa’ing o’ da land wid sails filled ‘n’ crew merry. Da greenhorns among us ‘ave ceased to chunder n da bea’ing ave stopped ’cause morale ‘as improved. Unlike previous notes int bot’le from I we ‘ave not run-eth out of nout provisisons yet, Jon ain’t been ‘iding no milk an’ we have more butter than anchors farm. It is warm though, realt warm, so warm that said butter is slowly becomin’ puddle int fridge. Da crew ‘as got bigger too, you may ‘ave t’ought dat we were only 12 souls strong but in fact we ‘ave ‘ad a new troop o’ flies smuggle demselves aboard. These new friends o ours ‘ave been found stealin’ rations from’t fruit cupboard ant copula’in in galley. Good old capt’n James ‘as decided he’s had ‘nough n declared war on’t new shipmates. fly paper is up an’ rolled up newspaper issued to every able man! We ‘ave been succesful in mos’ o’ our endevours wid many flies dead for nout o’ our own! Victory is int sight an’ the good ol’ capt’n has promised rum in celeberation!!!

Thank you for that insight Ahmad black beard and well hope you get to drink rum soon. And now for the main headlines:

BONGGGG, First ever queue for shower has begun! Strong words and in fighting likely.
BONGGGG, Recently purchased hand blender has been used to great success, breakfast smoothies provided daily!
BONGGGG, Smoothies credited in all time low of scurvy!
BONGGGG, Hatches opened, heat wave expected to finish soon.

Well thats all we have time for today
Stay cool Blighty


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1 Response to Shipmates Ahoy

  1. paula355 says:

    Just knew it was one of your blogs from the first line! Great fun and very entertaining as ever. You were so absent in dispatches we began to think you had been left behind to learn a new accent and tend the penguins.

    Also delighted to hear about the Tuna although of course many commiserations on failing to be a contender for the no fish award. We were a bit confused for a while about what sort of shenanigans the skipper was allowing in the galley, so pleased its all now under control.

    Now that spring is here and the daffodils are out we have sprung into action and seem to spend our time packing boxes and clearing rooms and gardens.

    Much love Mum and Dad x

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