Going Bananas


Good Morning All,

The sea state last night was reflected on everyones faces this morning as low winds and minimal waves made for a welcome restful night with much sleep. For the early watches, the morning was made even better by the 2L of fruit smoothy that was made from the bananas, peaches, kiwis and pears that are fading fast in the warm weather. The calm seas and sunshine continued throughout the morning, and many of the female members of the crew took advantage of prevalence of hot water in the heads to shower and wash hair. Raffe decided against water and went for the dry powder shampoo option which was entertainingly applied in the 20kt wind. The weather picked up again around lunch time, fortunately Sarah had sensibly pre-made squash and ricotta, and apple and sultana empanadas which were thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The hourly shedding of bananas from the line onto the floor (or worse sink), encouraged us to think of inventive ways to make use of them besides on our cornflakes. We settled on banana, date and gold-plated walnut bread, served with afternoon tea once the crew had begrudgingly put in a reef to the chorus of: “we want banana bread!!!…we want banana bread!!!” to which was replied “Reef first *******”.
Besides the daily soaking up of sunshine, eating and sleeping, a good proportion of the day was spent playing particularly vocal words games on deck, and the crew were reminded just how specific ones 20 questions have to be.
Jons watch made an applaudable chicken and vegetable curry for dinner given the steep tilt and constant slamming into the waves. When eaten by the helm in the dark this also resulted in a tasty game of guess the vegetable. The weather lasted all night and the crew were back to bracing against lee cloths which coupled with the increasing sauna like temperatures and humidity in the bunks did not result in a pleasurable night. However, Cliggys 4am watch was happily rewarded by a stunning red sunrise, and the rest of the crew pacified with the remaining banana bread and the promise of a calmer sun-filled day.


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