When there is no wildlife….

As we head to warmer climes there has been a distinct lack of wildlife so the crew of Elinca look to each other for entertainment. Yesterday this kicked off with Nick and Sarah guessing internet acronyms provided by Dan such as HTTP, HTML, SQL, ASP finally advancing to JASON. We quickly worked out that P is invariably protocol or page and H is hyper.

Then after a delicious fajita lunch from Jon’s watch, including fresh guacamole, we played a round of the film game.   This is where each person writes the names of three films and places these into a hat. Then you split into a couple of teams and over four different rounds act out or describe the film titles to your team mates.  In more detail this breaks down to a first round where you have to describe the film without using any of the words in the title or the actors names; the second round you act out the film title; the third round you can only use one word and the fourth round only one action.  When choosing film titles there is a delicate balance between those which will amuse you team mates when acted out and those you think will flummox the opposing team.

Having possibly identified the two most competitive crew members on-board (Katrina and Rachel) we split the teams between these two team captains…… It also became fairly clear which film titles had been submitted by Rachel at the beginning.

We then settled down to watch the clash of the titans that is the daily twenty questions match between Katrina and Rachel. Katrina went first and her object was snowflake, which Rachel guessed within seventeen questions. Rachel then picked her object which by question three had been defined as an object that could be made of metal or wood…. by question ten had been narrowed down to part of a building but not part of the general structure, smaller than a regulation football and it decorative attributes were not part of its main function. By question fifteen Rachel was starting to worry that she had thrown Katrina something of a curve ball on describing what materials used in the construction so the object so she sought Dan’s advice as impartial observer. Dan agreed that the object existed but was made from neither wood, nor metal, nor plastic, nor natural materials…..  Katrina narrowed down the object to a “space” within or around a building. Katrina pointed out that a space was surely ether as that is the only thing that exists in a space (discuss). A further tortuous fifteen minutes later Katrina guessed keyhole and it was decided that all Rachel’s future objects had to be vetted by a independent observer…….

A spectacular sausage and mash (gravy and wholegrain mustard included) and Linda’s banana bread (including gold plated walnuts) rounded off a fairly perfect day.

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