Arrived in Angra dos Reis

Yesterday dawned in stunning fashion, with a gorgeous sunrise lighting up the mountains of Isla Grande and Brazil beyond, and we motored up towards Angra dos Reis to complete our entry paperwork.  Its like a tropical paradise – the trees grow right down the hillsides to the shore, secluded beaches hide in corners with little multi-coloured fishing boats moored off. So after a frustrating time trying to find somewhere to berth for the night we anchored right off the centre of the town and headed ashore.

Entry to Brazil requires the usual south American dance of immigration – customs – port captain but here they make life interesting by the immigration not opening until 1400, and the customs closing at 1500.  As we hustled everyone round the corner from one office to the next the steel shutters clanged in our faces 😦  Back there today then!

We then arranged to meet later and go for dinner – a feat made difficult by the fact we couldn’t find any restaurants.  Eventually, up a back street we found the gem of Angra.  A small, local place, with a gorgeous ambiance(plastic tables, fan, TV with Brazilian soaps).  It seemed closed, indicated by the huge 20 stone chef asleep in a chair with his t-shirt pulled over his enormous belly, TV remote control in hand and snores rumbling.  On waking him we found a man with a grin to match his girth, and no menus.  After much discussion (in Portuguese) and requests we decided to wing it, some went for beef, some fish, and to drink weird blackcurrant wine and awesome caipirinhas.  What a meal!  Tasty steak, lovely fish, all cooked in a tiny kitchen and served up to 12 people quickly like no problem at all. What a man!

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2 Responses to Arrived in Angra dos Reis

  1. Kirsts says:

    Wow, that made me really miss the early morning watches, and the happy memories of nothing to worry about. Missing you all lots, keep the nice stories coming.

  2. Andrew Kitching says:

    Glad to hear you’re all enjoying paradise! Back in Europe we’re experiencing what’s known as a ‘gradual’ change in temperature, as Spring has sprung (prompted by Google’s homepage), and it’s ‘slightly’ warmer than it has been. So whilst we wait another month or two before we can crack out words like ‘hot’ from the vocabulary pot, I thought I’d remind you to give Morgan a ring in Rio who might give you an insight into some hip and trendy bars. His phone number’s on a scrap of paper in the chart table. I’m sure it’s still there. It may be on Clare’s phone too. Enjoy the caipirinhas!

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