A day in Paraty

The rain has stopped. Yesterday was torrential and although the tide does flood the streets of Paraty most of the water on the floor came from the sky. We all went into town around midday having waited in vain for the rain to ease. James, Clare, Lynda and Nick went for a wet run in the rain, others tried to do washing and a few took showers.  All in all a morning of water based activity. We took taxis into town and found it to be a village full of temptations. Shops selling food, clothes, alcohol and pretty useless nick-nacks. We resisted as long as we could but by the end of the day most of us had bought food, clothes, cachaca or useless nick nacks.  The rain abated now and then and we went sightseeing. Mostly we had to look at the floor or our feet because the whole of Paraty is cobbled and they are big irregular and liable to break your ankles. The narrow cobbled streets with rows of small white terraces decorated with colours around the window were rather charming though.

A few of you might be aware that whilst in South America we have not been totally immune from travellers misfortune. In Rio four of the crew lost their wallets to strange dark men in the park as they walked home and in Montevideo Rachel had her camera snatched from her shoulders. She chased the mugger down the street for as long as she could and collapsed by the side of the road still screaming after him because on that camera were all her beautiful shots of South Georgia and she was the only one not to have backed up her memory card on boat computer. Yesterday something happened to restore our faith in South America. A man emailed the boat email address to say that he had found a memory card in the street. He looked at the photos and saw lots of pictures of a boat called Elinca. Then he searched the internet for Elinca and found our website. He is going to post the memory card back Rachel!

We had a mixed night. James and I left most of the crew in a bar dancing to a live band with an open bottle of wine. We assume they had a great time as they are not out of bed yet. This morning James attempted to get our gas bottles refilled but with no success. Don’t panic, the next Atlantic crew will not starve as Elinca carries 4 gas bottles and we still have two full.


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