Exploring the ocean floor

After a second night  on the end of the pier, we set off to a beautiful bay called Ilha De Macacos also know as Lagoa Azul. As we travelled to this beautiful bay Jon and I had the task of cooking lunch. Pancakes were on the menu, YES pancakes are lots of fun to cook, UNLESS you are a little under the weather due to a bad sandwich had the night before and returning to the boat closer to sun rise than sunset. I pushed on with a fearless attitude, I can do it. I open the eggs to be greeted with a smell that would kill small children. OMG some of the eggs had a tough passage and all the kings horses and all the kings men could not help them or me. Never fear the pancakes were a huge success after another two hours of hard yakker down in the galley.

Whilst lunch was being prepared Nick lead his faithful fishing apprentices to our most successful day yet. Catching huge amount of fish but only keeping 9. As always we enjoyed the fish for a pre dinner snack yum yum,

The weather was not quite as hot when we arrived at Ilha De Macacos and after the rain, the top of the water was scatted with wood and leaves from the near by tropical islands. Not really that inviting but we are in paradise and swimming is a daily chore that must be ticked on the to do list. Clare and Cliggy set of to discover what wild life lay beneath the water while the rest of us splashed around the boat and drifted in the Zodiacs around the near by Islands.

This morning we awake to a perfect day in paradise and we all set off the explore the ocean floor and play with beautiful fish all before 8 am  a great way to start  the day..

Must go and enjoy the sun and sea. Hi Mum Dad send my love to all xxx


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