Run rainforest, run

We woke up early in our idyllic anchorage of Lagoa Azul to explore the
amazingly clear waters with snorkels. Stripy Angel Fish were everywhere
around us, with Cliggy pointing out some of the more unusual fish like a
spiky scorpion fish and some kind of winged camouflaged fish. With us all
safely back on board we had breakfast and Elinca headed further around Ilha
Grande to arrive in the popular tourist location of Abraao.

We used this as an opportunity to explore the southern bays of the island as
they are inaccessible to sailing boats due to them being protected nature
reserves. So we all set off with our rucksacks for a hike through the
rainforest being delivered to shore by the skipper who remained behind for
some well earned rest and hammock time. Starting with a half and hour ascent
in to the rainforest we really felt the humidity, but the wildlife and fauna
made it well worth the effort. Eventually we dropped down into the next bay
which was a long golden sandy beach with nothing but a few beach huts and a
chapel on it, but this was not the beach we were looking for.

Returning to the rainforest we continued on past towering bamboo to arrive
at the next bay, long golden sands with bright yellow crabs dancing around,
so the beach was covered in tiny footprints forming paths to the crabs
homes, but this was not the beach we were looking for either!  Finally out
of the rainforest we reached a clearing were small monkeys climbed around in
the trees just waiting to be photographed it seemed, then just on from this
clearing we emerged on the bay on the south coast of the island, Lopes
Mendes, it was completely different to the calm bays we had been in so far,
being exposed to the Atlantic the surf was loud and surfers  struggled to
tame it. After some cold drinks, a lot of cake and a power nap we decided to
make a move to get a taxi boat back around to Abraao, however Linda
suggested that running the 8km back through the rainforest might be fun so
Linda, Nick, Jon and Dan formed the Elinca running club and set off up in to
the humidity of the rainforest.

Initially a good pace was maintained up and down the undulating forest, and
across the long beaches from earlier, until we had to climb up to the main
ridge dividing the island, it was steep and just kept going, Nick and Dan
got close to the summit before lungs and willpower got the better of them.
Once we had cleared this it was all downhill, picking our way across slick
rocks and through tree roots, in the end Nick emerged first followed closely
by Linda, a 55 minute 8 km trail run was a pretty good time I think. We
found some fresh water to refresh ourselves and then headed in to the town
of Abraao to meet the others. An hour later and after we’d had a beer at a
beach bar the others arrived at the pier on the taxi boat. We headed further
down the beach to have more caipirihnas and frozen daquris, interrupted by
some heavy rain which saw us sprinting down the beach to find a restaurant,
settling on a pizzeria indoors away from the rain.


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6 Responses to Run rainforest, run

  1. Joyce &Bernie says:

    Thanks Jon card arrived from South Georgia today. Still thoroughly enjoying our daily fix of Adventures aboard Elinica, sorry to hear about the wallet thieves in Rio, but happy to hear the photo card is being returned. J&B x

  2. Andrea says:

    Great to hear you did the same walk as us to Lopes Mendes! Well done on the trail run back, a slow walk was all we could muster 🙂 aren’t the crabs amazing? We spent our time on the beach hoping one didn’t come up in the sand right next to us and give us a shock! Enjoy Abraao and the beach bars, wish we were there!

  3. Kirsty says:

    A big thank you from all the children at Thornton Hough for the postcard from South Georgia that arrived today. One question they’re desperate to ask the crew is: do you have any chocolate buttons left?! We’re all still really enjoying the blog and tracking your adventures on our maps.
    Take care. K x

  4. sally moore says:

    Hi Dan – sounds like great fun!
    Sally & Rob

  5. Heather Seddon says:

    Thanks Jon for postcard from South Georgia. Sounds like you are all having a great time. Thanks for all the blogs. Take care.

  6. Richard Clarke says:

    It is good to hear that the skipper is keeping his sleep schedule up to date!

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