Remembering Rio

I remember writing a blog when we last arrived in Rio, thinking on the trip we’d just completed and how, for all of us on board, it had been a huge step.  We’d grown together as a family, experienced the highs and lows of spending a lot of time together in a tiny space, and in some ways it seems only yesterday and yet in lots of ways not.  We’ve done a hell of a lot since then – experienced the bitter cold, staggering beauty, incredible hospitality, have seen good friends leave and gained new ones, and tucked another 11000 miles under Elincas’ belt.

And so this approach to Rio has a different feel to it.  For those here a second time there’s excitement knowing what awaits, and for those new to Rio a whole Lonely Planet of things to cram into our short layover.  We left yesterday afternoon so that this morning we’ll arrive with the sun, and right now Sarah has just risked the wrath of all by waking them too early to see the sunrise as we pass the beach at Ipanema.  She should have served them fresh coffee to allay the grumbles!  There are plans to climb sugar loaf, relax on Copacobana and Ipanema, see a game at the Maracana, dance in nightclubs, see the favelas and stay in fancy hotels.  We’ll have to go to sea for a rest.

We’ll be here in Rio for 3 days or so, to relax, prepare, shop, sightsee, fill our fuel and water and gas to the max before making another leap into the unknown(for us) – this time our longest trip yet, a 4000 miler north up the Atlantic towards the Azores.


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5 Responses to Remembering Rio

  1. says:

    Hi James – Sounds amazing – have a great time and enjoy the fancy hotels. Love and best wishes, Aunt Margaret and gang x

  2. sariwari says:

    Excellent!!! See you on Sunday! 🙂 Any last-minute requests from the UK?

  3. suzanne boyce says:

    Great blog james..we got your post card the other day, the stamps. Enjoy the rest and time ashore. Seems scary to think thats you back in rio already! Love suzanne,jonny and liam x

  4. Gemma says:

    My FOMO has been so severe the past few days that I’ve been unable to comment. Hard to believe you are back there already. Ah I remember when Sarah called me for sunrise over SG, it was well worth leaving the warmth of my sleeping bag.
    Hugs to all xx

  5. Rob Ocovich says:

    Hello James and the rest of the crew ! We have been following your journey from day one and it has been absolutely amazing to see what the Elinca-ites have been able to accomplish thus far !!
    If time permits on your way back to Scotland have the Elinca hang a hard left turn at Newfoundland and come on up the St Lawrence Seaway and into the Great Lakes and the crew here in London, Canada will take you all out for dinner !! Oh ….and bring some of the Rio sunshine with you as it has been a very long , cold and dismal winter here : (

    Take care and we hope that the rest of your journey is as exciting as the first part has been.

    Rob, Laura,Jenny,Colin,Bobby and Lindsay.

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