April Fool!

As some may have guessed (and others will be sadly disappointed to hear) Juan Carlos the cat was an April fools cat as thus departed the boat around midday yesterday. It was in fact new crew member Raffe found in a locker chewing on James oilskins.

But what else has been happening on Elinca? Well,as  a new crew member who joined in Rio it’s all been good so far. Great company, great food, lot’s of laughs, a little too much sun but definitely not enough wind!

We are currently motoring along the Brazilian coastline under the most fantastic star covered sky with the milky way glowing in the background and Venus shining brightly. It is now nearly 5am and the temperature has cooled a little – sitting outside now requires a t-shirt over our bikini’s, a welcome change from the hot, sticky cabins at night.

After 24 hours of seasickness I am proud to say I have found my sea legs again and can actually sit at the chart table to write this blog!

We had visitors this afternoon in the form of dolphins, playing happily around the bow for a good half hour, hopefully we caught them on film as Nick manned the Gopro on a boathook under the water. There were 6 in total, including some very young ones – amazingly graceful animals.

Our only other company has been a load of oil platforms, now glowing brightly in the distance. These are part of the Pampo oilfield, an area we are not allowed to cross into. So fingers crossed for a little more wind so we can give the engine a rest soon and sail this racing machine to the Azores!

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2 Responses to April Fool!

  1. Barbara matthewman says:

    Prefer April Fool joke to fleas.

  2. Joyce &Bernie says:

    We are getting a bit slow in our semi retirement as Bernie and I spent quite awhile discussing the problem of quarantine in the Azores and had decided best bet was to see if Juan Carlos could swim the last 10 mergers if lowered overboard – actually Bernie was all for chucking him overboard now. We where totally April fooled!!!! Hope wind has picked up. J&Bx

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