Raffe explains all

Well hello everyone, I have finally got round to writing my first
blog….having been on since Uruguay its about time!
So yesterday when I got up I was informed I was a cat which did confuse me a
little….Cliggy and I had been doing our watch exercises during which
whilst lying on our backs instead of writing the alphabet with our feet we
decided to write the first line of the owl and the pussy cat went to sea (we
will continue with the next line on our next watch) and had discussed which
of us was the owl and which the pussy cat….so at first thought it was a
reference to that….however I later discovered we had had a mystical cat on

We have decided to do some stretching and exercises on each watch as its
very easy to go days just sleeping and eating and sitting more sleeping and
sometimes pulling a rope! It is a little challenging balancing but I’m sure
its doing us some good! During night watch we have been looking for modern
day shapes in the stars to make star gazing more appealing to young
people….however Andy T keeps on referencing people that Cliggy and I don’t
have a clue who they are so quite a few of the references are lost on us! We
have however found a shopping trolley and usb cable. The usb cable can only
be found in the southern hemisphere however you guys up in the north should
be able to spot the shopping trolley (its kind of like a shopping cart for
internet shopping….) Any one able to spot it…its in the middle of a well
known constellation?!

Bob Little is also on our watch and this is his first time being at sea for any length of
time and I really enjoyed witnessing how much he enjoyed his first time at the helm!
He is luckily still enjoying it….along with learning how to find where we are with the sextant.

In the last 24 hours we have had moments of sailing but mainly the engine
has been on. Yesterday was clear skies, calm sea and strong sunshine. I
decided to take advantage of having been on the 8 to midnight watch the
night before and having had a solid 8 hours sleep at night thought I should
stay awake during the day and take the opportunity to work on my tan…(its
a hard life!)…i did make a bit of a mistake of not putting a high enough
factor sun cream on my behind and Brazilian bikinis, only covering what is
just about a decent amount, do leave some skin exposed that perhaps hasn’t
seen the sunshine for sometime…..enough said!

I am already losing track of which day of the week it is and everyone seems
to have settled into the routine of being at sea. I was a bit worried that I
would get sea sick the first few days (I did quite badly leaving
Piriopolis..) however somehow have avoided it this time…..a combination of
the magical powers of ginger….and half a sea sickness patch. I was even
able to make my watch cups of tea on my first watch.

So the end of my night watch has come and its time to get back to chewing on
James’ oilskins…..

p.s. Love to my grandmother, mother and sister who I think will be reading
this …. nothing to worry about so far! And also love to my friends who
might be reading this…..and love to my love who I hope is reading this 🙂

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1 Response to Raffe explains all

  1. Toby O'Rorke says:

    Raffe, my sweet all at sea. I’m mortified that you of all people were almost sea sick, I didn’t believe it was possible; as you know I can’t get out of bed without feeling a little queasy. I wanted to send you my love and wish you continued happiness at sea. I can not wait for your next installment, to find out how your burnt buns are coming on. Loads of Love, Toby XXX

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